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Dwemer disappearence explained with ESO and vampires?

TL;DR Dagoth Ur uses Heart of Lorkhan to create own Vampires, Heart of Lorkhan serves as pocket dimension, Kagrenac binds dwemer and teleports them to HoL to avoid annoyances, everyone's happy, also Sotha Sil made a Clockwork City

If you clicked this post, there's a high chance you either don't expect much (given it's another take on most common theory by some random dude on the internet :D) or don't treat ESO as canon/with a huge grain of void salts 😛
Anyways, few weeks ago some connections hit me and I think that this take might be quite interesting, as it might explain how things happened instead of what ultimately happened. Tbh I don't read much theories online and I base my knowledge on full TES 3-5 + ESO gameplay and Fudgemuppet vids, so I can't be sure by saying it's gonna be 100% new and everything, but from what I know, it's OC ;p

Without further ado, lets go 😉

1) Sixth House and divine disease

So, when I was playing morrowind i talked with some sleepers, during main quest and some other randoms. By what they said about being connected to Dagoth Ur, their death being just temporary or insignificant I came to think, that Dagoth Ur has the power to bring them back to life. Given that Voryn himself cheated death, I don't think that it's that implausible. Here are some quotes I managed to find now (as it was some time ago already ;d)

"You think what you do has meaning? You think you slay me, and I am dead? It is just dream and waking, over and over, one appearance after another, nothing real. What you do here means nothing. Why do we waste our breath on you? "
"The soul of Dagoth Gares is among us. You have broken his body, but his spirit is with us in our waking dreams"

And here is one of Ur's quotes:
"You have a noble spirit. I share the power I have from the Heart to help free mortals from their ancient fears of the gods. Who knows what we might be capable of once we no longer fear death? Your goal is worthy, and I honor you for it."

If you are somewhat familiar with Morrowind then you know that Dagoth Ur appears in people's dreams and after some time he can maintain some kind of psychic connection. Here's a quote to back up this claim
"Corprus is called "the Divine Disease" and its sufferers "Children of His Flesh" by members of House Dagoth, as they believe it to be the evolution of the Dunmer race, bringing them unity and immortality(…)"

As I understand they are bound to him trough the corprus, and that bond is quite important in my theory.

2) ESO is canon :3

Ok, now there's probably a lot of people who didn't play ESO, or this specific DLC so I'll explain some things (minor and major spoilers ahead):

  • There's an ancient alliance of Vampires and Werewolves called Gray Host. They are led by Rada Al-saran who has a plan
  • There is an ancient artifact hidden somewhere below Markarth, called Dark Heart. Tl;dr it's associated with Namira and Lorkhan and sucks souls
  • Due to Planemeld and Mannimarco's beta tests there exists part of Oblivion that's unowned (Mannimarco bought part of Reach to playtest Planemeld; i don't remember full details now)
  • Whole idea was to exchange lots of mortal souls for deceased vampiric and ww souls that are trapped in Coldharbour and Hunting Grounds because souls claimed, then using Dark Heart and unowned pocket dimension of Oblivion hidden close to the Void, bind them to that "realm" and grant freedom and full immortality. A safe heaven for damned. Vampires keep their immortality and even if they die, they can wait there happily and then be resurrected again, cuz why not. Endless immortal cycle.

3) A vampire is a vampire

Now, while we know Rada's plan (and boy oh boy it really worked!) we can just remind ourselves what does it mean to be a vampire in TES universe;

Vampires are immortal bloodsuckers that gained powers from Molag Bal either directly or indirectly. First vampires got a curse from Bal himself, but in most cases it has been spread trough a disease by already existing vampire. Whatever the case, you are immortal and have nifty powers, but your soul bound to Molag Bal and after death you'll end up in Coldharbour, so yikes.

That's great and all but who cares? Well house Dagoth cares. Did you ever wonder why there are Ash Vampires in Morrowind? They are not actual vampires, they don't drink blood, aren't connected to Molag Bal and… that's it for differences, because if you think about it, Dagoth Ur's divine disease works just the same as Molag Bal's vampirism ! 😀 You think that's absurd? Then look at these straight facts 😀

It can be spread with a disease (Corprus working pseudo similarly to Sanguinare Vampiris, Porphyric Hemophilia and Noxiphilic Sanguivoria. You contract it and then are susceptible to change, and get buffs and debuffs) or as a blessing/curse by a… let's say "powerful being" for now. Aside for said powers it grants immortality and bounds the fate of victim to the creator of "blessing". Dagoth seems to have connection to souls of his cultists even after their deaths, even if he wouldn't be able to resurrect them, but sleepers' belief in their return makes me believe that there's no reason to deny that. With Heart of Lorkhan it is very much possible.

4) I thought it's a Dwemer theory, what's going on?

Everything that was talked about earlier was my building blocks for this theory, so here goes nothing:

You are a chief tonal architect. Or actually THE chief tonal architect, Lord Kagrenac. You and your people just wanted to be left to themselves, theorycraft, and then make theories into actual things. You and your colleagues defy so called gods, but on top of that you have mundane threats and annoyances. Chimer, Nords, and just some time after you defeated Nords and allied yourselves with Chimer, they learned you want to poke Heart of Lorkhan and there's a war again. What is it, that you want? Abort whole race? I don't think so (personally I very much don't like zero summing), but maybe just have some god damned peace, and freedom from imbeciles. That would be nice. So what do you do? Teleport you all away. (it's not the end, just bear with me ;p)

Yes, this is long existing theory for where they disappeared, but… where exactly, and if so, why weren't they found already? (In skyrim <i think, eventually might've been eso, sorry don't remember ^^; > there's one guy who supposedly saw dwemer while hopping uncontrollably trough dimensions. There was no info if that was just one, group or whole civilisation, but it was a hint that made teleporting theory plausible. But now, ESO, vampires and Heart of Lorkhan might explain the potential mechanics.

Kagrenac obviously wouldn't teleport them to some daedric plane, just to face another set of annoyances, this time more immortal and recurring. Let's say he had similar idea to Rada; to find a safe haven, somewhere deep in unclaimed Oblivion, where nobody would find him, no mer, no man, not even Et'Ada… What if I told you, that they are inside of Heart of Lorkhan?

Just hear me out now!

If Dagoth Ur's divine disease would work similarly to Molag Bal's, then he would need, let's say, a storage realm for souls and huge power battery to bring them back (that's not necessary for vampirism, but it is for resurrection). Daedra, or actually just Et'Ada, accomplish that by themselves. Their realms are just an extention of themselves, or not even. Their realms are them, and also their power. Daedra still have "100%" of powers because they didn't create Nirn, Aedra are but a shade of their previous selves, because they sacrificed their powers, and Lorkhan… I read all of myths and none says that he lost his power during creation of worlds, just that his "divine spark" – Heart of Lorkhan – was ripped from him by Trinimmac and thrown to the Nirn. That means that Heart of Lorkhan obviously is a part of Lorkhan, hence it is Lorkhan and even diminished, it should contain him (at least a part), his powers and because of that his plane.

That might be a "big" stretch ;D but it kind of works. HoL provides both power and space for dwemer to exist in peace, as in theory, Dunmer should leave the heart be. There's a potential problem with Sovngarde being a thing, but i choose to blisfully believe that HoL being disconnected part, is not connected to Sovngarde.

5) Yes this is few theories combined like Jenga tower

Not only am I suggesting that Ashen creatures are different type of actual vampire, but that Heart of Lorkhan can serve as a pocket dimension. First makes more sense than second, but then why combine it and not start with baby steps? Because it's fun and I have more ;d Just like there's a guy claiming to see Dwemer somewhere, I present you very dubious "i saw dwemer somewhere" card. Clockwork City xD

I imagine this makes less and less sense and I'm throwing more absurd connections, but if this whole thing would be anywhere near truth, there theoretically should be consequences to that. We have no information on theoretical Dagoth/Dwemer interactions, tho there's a possibility they would just leave each other be (and I believe that not that many ascended sleepers died before Nerevarine showed up). If not, well we have no way of telling that. But there's this Sotha Sil and his clockwork city. In Morrowind it's not explained where nor what it exactly is, but again ESO saves the day. In ESO, Clockwork City is just a model, hidden beneath Mournhold. A scaled pocket dimention not somewhere in Oblivion, but in a magical contraption, here on Nirn. Just like Galaxy marbles in Men in Black ;d There's not that many worlds within worlds. Sotha Sil studied for years the Heart and beginnings of Clockwork City and his automatons were Dwemer inspired. But where would he get an idea of creating artifact that is actually a new dimension within dimension? By analising already existing Heart of Lorkhan and it's capabilities.

I already made this very long and probably unnecesarily complicated, instead of keeping it simple, as I tend to do. I really believe that all mumbo jumbo aside, this is somewhat plausible scenario. I'd love to see people's opinion on that, either debunking or upgrading this theory by correcting mistakes or adding more arguments. With how convoluted TES lore is, theoretically everything is possible, and for me, a lot of fun comes from inventing some weird theories, connecting sometimes seemingly random things into bigger picture etc ;D

Welp anyways, thanks for the read! Hope you enjoyed at least a bit of it 😉


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