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So, with summer on its way and exams finishing up, I'm looking at getting back into skyrim with a new playthrough, focused on an explorer from Cyrodil obsessed with dwemer lore (alternatively a Dwemer who's somehow still around). Overall, I'm justing having a hard time deciding which mods will best complement/add to the run, without overly breaking the balance of the game (honestly tired of being untouchable after level 40). Too many options, not enough experience to know which ones will work best together. Any and all advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Looking for warnings if some of these mods are going to clash, fill the same niche, or break any balance, as well as recommendations for additional mods that could fit the playthrough. Additionally, I'm using a low to mid tier graphics card, so I want to avoid unnecessarily heavy textures (ie, 4k upgrades, etc.) or otherwise performance-dropping mods.

Core build:
I'm thinking of going primarily Heavy Armored Sword and Board (originally inspired by the Spellbreaker), shifting into whatever Dwemertech I come across. My last run was a destruction/Alteration mage so I'm not planning on going easy on non-utility magic, unless it's tied to artifacts. For roleplay purposes, that could mean learning a spell only to have it "bound" to a specific item (IE, I won't use this spell if I'm not wearing X armor piece). Ideally, I'll be picking up dwarven smithing and arcane smithing, but otherwise leaving alchemy/enchanting alone, relying instead on the enchantments I find on existing armor/weapons (which is wear mods can really help). I'm also sticking to only Dwemer equipment (aside from the iron/steel leading up to it).

Mods overall:
I've played several EnaiRim/Ordinator runs and a couple of Requiem runs as well, so I'm planning on trying out tjhm4's Thoughtful Skyrim modlist as a base this time. Again, just trying to keep the game more balanced.
For the dwemer side of things, I'm trying to stick largely to lorefriendly mods. Thing is, I'm seeing a lot of mods, with a lot of overlap. Ideally, I don't want 8 mods each with their own exoskeleton, bionics or power armor. IE: I don't really want more than 2 mods filing the same equipment niche. If a mod has both armor and weapons, however, I'd be OK with counting it towards one or the other. Sub-niches as well (headgear, ranged weapons, constructs, basic armor as opposed to enhanced armor etc.)

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The Timelost Dwemer – Adding Dwemer as a playable race could be really cool, but it feels a little over the top, especially with the slough of time warping abilities. The automatons are extensive, however, and some of the equipment looks promising. If it's possible to install specific aspects or nerf/disable specific aspects, I'll probably look much more closely at this one.
Dwemer Race – Lightweight option in case I don't find a better solution.

Quest mods:
(Biggest issue is that afaik they all add equipment/spells/lore, so it might get cluttered)
Dwemertech (Inspired the run, but it looks a little too mage-focused on first glace)
The Forgotten City
The Wheels of Lull
The Tale of The Dwemer
KAGRENFAHLZ – The Dwemer University

Ihlenda Reconstructed (Intriguing idea)
Alto – Dwemer Scientist (Can work as the "inciting incident" assuming nothing else takes the slot)
Legato – Dwarven Engineer

Aetherium Armor and Weapons (It fills the void of dwarven artifact armor in the base game, should I opt out of less-vanilla options (bionics/exoskeletons, etc.). I like the tie to the Aetherium quest, but I'm worried about how OP the enchantments look. Might tweak them in xedit if it's not too complicated.)
Aetherial Centurion Dwemer Weapon (Since I'm going sword and board, this might be useful if nothing else covers it.)
Dwarven Power Armor – Mihail (Alternative. I don't like how it's tied to the archmage questline.)
Dwemer Certified (If nothing else adds the ability to make constructs)
Dwemer Goggles and Scouter (Hesitant, but it was recommended in multiple places. I'll consider it if there isn't already a ton of equipment competing for the headgear slot)
Animated Dwarven backpack (While it looks interesting, I have no idea what its functionality is, or if it's just aesthetic, in which case I'll pass. Might be too much overlap with the others.)

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Player home:
I'm not aware of any of the quest mods adding a useable player home, so I'm looking at different dwemer themed options.
Rkung-Zel – Definitely extravagant, but not overly cluttered. Overall, as long as it doesn't clash with the lore (both base-game and quest-added), it's currently the favoured contender.
Dwemer Storage Cube – Enhanced Edition – I'm not sure how I feel about a portable home. Is there a suitable lore explanation? One big perk is that it doesn't feel as cluttered or over the top as most player homes do these days.
Ralendam Estate – House looks good, but the backstory felt like a cop-out. Not completely opposed.
Mhulchazn – Love the lore aspect, but the style feels a little distant from Skyrim's dwemer ruins

Warbird's Dwemer Train Stations – I like the idea of not needing to use fast travelling. Worried that might get to be a bit of a hassle, however.

Dwemer Readius UI – The only themed UI I found. Might try it, but I'm not convinced I'll like it better than a Paper UI.

I've used a couple of different city/town overhaul mods. Probably will here as well. Wondering which ones lend Markarth the most "dwemer" feel.
The Way of the Dwemer (The only "specialized" mod I found. Not sure how it compares to JC's, etc.)

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OK, this got a lot bigger than I intended. Have a better idea of what I want, but seriously, if you've played with some of these before (or better yet, with several of these simultaneously) I'd love some feedback/ideas


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