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Editing a specific standalone Summon/Follower on CK/Nifskope!

Content of the article: "Editing a specific standalone Summon/Follower on CK/Nifskope!"

Hello! First of all I'd like to thank all of you modders for keeping this awesome game alive and providing us with so many more hours of fun and content. I have only recently started to mess around with CK and Nifskope, basically trying to edit small things to tweak the game to my liking, but I came across this follower I wanna fix and it has been a nightmare at this point.

I have decided to create a post mainly because I haven't been able to find any answers to this specific issue, though I've been discussing it at the General Discussion Thread, making a post could help people running into the same problem in the future.

The changes I wanna make at are solely for personal use at the moment as I don't have authorization from the original mod author to upload them ( which I intend to try and get if I actually get it to work). So, I'm talking about this little mod: by Praveen

I have been a huge fan of the Zelda franchise from my childhood, and the nostalgic feelings of having Navi as a companion are too awesome for me to pass on.

However I had to convert it to SSE, which didn`t seem complicated at first until I noticed combat issues in game, and a few aspects about her I didn`t like, some of which I was able to change and some I haven`t, hence why I`m asking for some advice:

-I did not like the butterfly wings, and I was actually able to return its model to the original wings from when it was first released while keeping the dialogue fixes he released along with the latest version, I would love to get some HQ 4 winged textures but thats just luxury at this point.

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-She was TOO slow for a fairy to my liking and my dumbass actually managed to increase her speed in CK (yay, its the small victories init?), now she zips after me and its AWESOME, I even learned to mess around with her colors in Nifskope in case I wanna make a Tael or Tatl version from Majora`s Mask!

-I also made it so that she is taller just so she floats a little higher, but here is where trouble begins regarding her collision box: It`s EFFIN HUGE. I have downloaded Disable Follower Collision ( by Felisky) but its does NOT, work for her and I can`t, for the life of me figure out WHY. Maybe because she is Summoned from a Spell instead of being an actual follower? A dream would be disabling her collision box completely which I tried to do in Nifskope but failed miserably.

-Also about Combat. She won`t fight, at all. She just stands there, I checked on CK and she has 3 default spells but she won`t even cast them and she won`t even melee attack, she just stands still taking hits…So I thought about downloading Nether`s Follower Framework ( by Netherworks) and make her an actual follower instead of a summon and maybe even sandbox while not in combat but the mod says she can`t be Imported…then I tried to edit spell lists, increase her mana pool reduce spell costs but NOTHING seems to work.

So, I`m at a loss here, and I would like to thank Daankeykang however for trying to help me at the Simple Questions Thread, and while I do apologize for the long post, hopefully some of you CK Wizards can enlighten me somehow!

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