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Editing “Avoid Death” script/effect.

Content of the article: "Editing “Avoid Death” script/effect."

So, I was wondering about the possibility of making the Avoid Death perk/effect/script in the Restoration tree a “True Avoid Death” feature instead. Having the effect only kick in specifically between >0 and <10 makes it, honestly, kinda useless.

For the record, here’s the vanilla script itself that’s attached to the magic effect:

Scriptname PerkAvoidDeathScript extends ActiveMagicEffect

; ready to heal you
Event OnHit(ObjectReference akAggressor, Form akSource, Projectile akProjectile, bool abPowerAttack, bool abSneakAttack, bool abBashAttack, bool abHitBlocked )
; ; debug.trace(self + ” Enter Bleedout”);
If PerkAvoidDeathTimer.GetValue() < GameDaysPassed.GetValue()
; cast heal spell
PercentHealth = GetTargetActor().GetAVPercentage(“Health”)
If PercentHealth < 0.1
PerkAvoidDeathTimer.SetValue(GameDaysPassed.GetValue() + 1.0)
; ; debug.trace(self + ” Heal “+ PerkAvoidDeathTimer.GetValue() + ” ” + GameDaysPassed.GetValue())
; ; debug.trace(self + ” Timer not reset ” + PerkAvoidDeathTimer.GetValue() + ” ” + GameDaysPassed.GetValue())

Spell Property HealSpell Auto

GlobalVariable Property PerkAvoidDeathTimer Auto

GlobalVariable Property GameDaysPassed Auto

float Property PercentHealth = 100.0 Auto

I want the heal to actually fire on what would otherwise have been a killing blow, like the name of the perk suggests.

Just changing the script to detect “health=0 or less” is useless, since upon any hit taking health to zero or less the player just dies and the heal gets canceled.

My initial idea would be to somehow set the player as essential, then on entering bleed-out, cast the healing spell, then remove essential flag on player until the timer resets. Sounds simple, but I’m not sure how you’d track the essential flag on the player – I know a lot of “Death Alternative” mods use a similar set up, but they use quests to track this. Ideally I’d like to achieve this by editing just this one script.

But first, is there a simpler solution here I’m missing? Has this functionality been implemented in some other mod already?


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