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(EEMC) Weekly Mod Review: Shared Inn Storage Service

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"Drem Yol Lok. Greetings, wunduniik." — Paarthurnax


This week we will be diving into a lesser known mod, Shared Inn Storage Service, which is essentially a cloud storage service offered by the innkeepers and tavern owners of Skyrim. There is plenty of room for a player-created backstory and players will have another reason to visit inns and taverns.

I recommend using this mod alongside needs or survival mods as your player character would likely be frequenting the said inns/taverns. As for playthroughs, the mod will fit in better with non-magic playthroughs. Personally, I prefer my mage characters to use spell-based cloud storage because – y'know, magic.

There are two minor caveats to using this mod. The first being access to the storage via dialogue and the second is the cost in terms of septims.

To access the storage, you will have to initiate a conversation with the innkeeper, rent a room, and then choose the storage option. Upon exiting the storage interface and dialogue, the innkeeper will show you to your room. There is nothing wrong with this process but there is a little bit of awkwardness if you decide to access the storage without utilizing the room. My current playthrough is a Bosmer thief named Laena, that has learned 101 role-playing ways to turn down innkeepers and mitigate the awkwardness — "No thanks, your stone beds are rock hard". Looking at you, Silver-Blood Inn.

The mod page indicates that you are required to pay 25 septims for the room and storage access. However, I've only had to pay 10 septims for both services throughout two playthroughs. To my knowledge I do not have any mod that modifies inn rates nor is there any mention of this in the mod page posts. I'm not complaining, cheaper rates are always welcome albeit being a paltry sum. A workaround for modifying the room rates at your discretion would be to use the Extended Stay mod which is supposedly fully compatible, according to a user in the posts mentioned above. Alternatively, there are two other mods on Nexus that provide inn storage as well. I will append the links to these three mods, but do note that I have not used them in my own playthroughs.

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The mod page also indicates that the storage can be accessed from any NPC in the JobRentRoomFaction and with a current Variable09 AV of 1. I reckon this information is useful for compatibility with other mods.

In terms of gameplay, you will want to decide early on if your PC will be purchasing a home or not. Not purchasing a home is a no-brainer and you can go ahead and store everything in the inn's shared storage. If you are purchasing a home which is quite a distance away from the nearest inn, you might want to consider some form of inventory management.

I'll use Laena as an example of the aforementioned inventory management. She is hoarding all of her spoils in the shared storage until the Thieves Guild has been reestablished in the cities. It'll be easier to rid of the merchandise by then and focus on her barter skills. She owns several properties but her home base is Breezehome because it is a stone's throw away from The Bannered Mare. This allows her to transfer items from the shared storage to her home with ease at any given time.

Moving on, allow me to indulge in some good ol' tinvaak. The mod doesn't have a backstory so it's up to the player to create one if they are so inclined. Otherwise, here is my take on how the shared inn storage came to be. Disclaimer – I'm not great with The Elder Scrolls lore and my elaboration might be inconsistent with it. Do feel free to correct me in the comments.

The next paragraph will contain the Thieves Guild and The College of Winterhold spoilers.

During the Thieves Guild questline, you are given the option to locate the Quill of Gemination for Maven Black-Briar. Maven will briefly tell you of how she commissioned the unique quill from a good friend (possibly Enthir) in Winterhold. She will also mention that the wizards demanded a tremendous amount of gold to have it made. This suggests that The Winterhold college is willing to undertake such endeavors for shady characters like Maven as long as their pockets are filled to the brim. Why have they not repaired the college then? The college cannot be seen as wealthy if their clients require confidentiality as to avoid the authorities from questioning the college's source of income. Moreover, the college cannot afford to further tarnish their reputation by being associated with notorious figures. Point in case, the college provides special services for a hefty sum and will honor client confidentiality.

This brings us to how the shared inn storage service functions and its origin. From this point onward, the backstory is no longer canon. At the core of the service, it is fueled by magic designed to make goods available at designated locations without the need of transportation. That said, only the East Empire Company would have the means and motive to charge the Winterhold college with inventing this magical contraption. Its implementation would require the EEC to form an underground mercantile agreement with Skyrim merchants and innkeepers, ensuring that the workings behind the service remain as a trade secret. The penalty for violating the agreement is a drastic measure that isn't restricted to Dark Brotherhood contracts. The secrecy is a necessity as the storage service can be misused if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Take Ancano and the Aldmeri Dominion for instance. Talos knows what the conniving Altmer supremacists can conjure with its magic.

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Why offer the service to the denizens of Skyrim then? In real life, confidential agreements do exist in the underworld and yet someone like me, who isn't a part of the underworld, can receive word of its existence. A fine example of this would be the Darknet. Does it exist and am I aware of it? Yes. Do I know how it works or what transactions take place? No. Applying the same principles, the shared inn storage service can be offered to a few who are privy to it. The innkeepers are the best candidates to offer the service given the nature of their trade and their grapevine access. Brynjolf isn't the only person who can size up their marks and Maven isn't the only person in Skyrim who knows everyone who's anyone in Skyrim. BAM! Double whammy!

That wraps up the mod's backstory. In fact, I will have to conclude the review here. I would love to be more thorough in my review but RL got in the way and I'm a day behind the review deadline. Furthermore, coming up with a backstory for the mod took up more time than anticipated. As a consolation, I'll leave you with a teaser of what I have planned for my next few reviews. You can expect reviews for mods that revamp the thief class. I'm sure experienced modders already know which mods I will be reviewing. Till then, au revoir.


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