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ENB Menu Stopped Working

Content of the article: "ENB Menu Stopped Working"

Issue: Today my ENB menu stopped functioning in game

Yesterday I was able to use it multiple times. After reviewing threads and posts on this topic for several hours today I am still unable to resolve the issue. Your advice is greatly appreciated.


  • Skyrim LE + Rudy ENB + ELFX + NLVA
  • Intel i7 + nVidia GTX 1070

Enblocal INI settings:


Additional Info:

  • Steam: Overlay Disabled
  • nVidia GeForce Experience: Uninstalled
  • No third party tuners or overlays present that I know of
  • enbhelper.dll is included in the current ENB Rudy package

Three of my ENB input commands do work in game!

  • KeyShowFPS=106
  • KeyScreenshot=44
  • KeyFreeVRAM=115

The remaining ENB input commands do NOT work!

  • KeyUseEffect=123
  • KeyFPSLimit=36
  • KeyEditor=13
  • KeyBruteForce=66
  • KeyDepthOfField=118

KeyEditor (Shift+Enter) is the primary function I am interested in, naturally.

Switching key codes does not change which commands will work!

Test 1: Since KeyShowFPS=106 does work, I swapped enblocal INI input such that:

  • KeyEditor=106
  • KeyShowFPS=13

In this modified swap, SHIFT+ENTER correctly opens KeyShowFPS, but SHIFT+Num* does not open KeyEditor! This surprised me as I was expecting that SHIFT+ENTER was being blocked or interrupted by some other process, and would not work at all. This turns out not to be true though, since SHIFT+ENTER will initiate the KeyShowFPS command!

Test 2: Reinstall Rudy ENB with fresh copies of all files including dll, enbhost, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, and enbseries folder.

  • No change!
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My intuition tells me that KeyEditor (as well as the other ENB input commands I listed) are somehow being disabled. That said, I am not aware of any INI setting in enblocal nor enbseries that controls this. Per my swap test SHIFT+ENTER as a command input is NOT being blocked by a third party. I've exhausted web and Reddit searches on this issue. It's possible that I missed something important, of course!

Community, I need your help. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


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