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Enemy and Encounter Mod combo recommendations.

Content of the article: "Enemy and Encounter Mod combo recommendations."

Back during 2014-15, I had Revenge of the Enemies, ASIS, Deadly Combat and a bunch of other flavorful mods that made my character cry every time he stepped outside. I was playing on a fairly modest laptop, so I used to crash every now and then and script behavior was laggy. I did manage to find a good combo in the end and had a blast. Now I find myself coming back to Skyrim and I'm honestly so lost haha.

Currently. I have high level enemies and wildcat that is generally recommended. It's okay but the combat style and behavior of humanoid and animal NPCs are still vanilla. Like, a level 50 Draugr has the same spell and shout arsenal as a level 30 one.

For combat difficulty, I'm fairly happy with wildcat. I tried the other alternatives of ultimate combat, CE, deadly combat etc etc. I liked ultimate combat, but the scope of the mod is too large, and I would like to modify boss encounters with something else, and I did get some animation bugs every now and then since I have other scripted mods running too. So I'm settled on wildcat.

So that leaves me with Enemy and Encounter mods for spicing up my adventures.

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Sooo, I basically need some help settling on a zetsy combo that will keep things fresh mid to end game. I came across this awesome mod called EESO that seems like a better ASIS and I'm planning to just compliment it by adding more enemy NPCs to go with it for the "trash" mob fights. What would you recommend in this case?

Apart from that, I will need to find a good boss enemy mod that will make me cry. For reference, I loved the old ROTE mach 5 dual-wield briarheart death machines. I love punishment and being forced to use all the OP modded spells/items/perks I've added.

And finally to wrap it all up, I need a mod to add random open world encounters that is reminiscent of the old Civil War enemies mod. If anyone remembers, it was glorious. I once legit came across a 20 v 20 imperials vs stormcloaks clash that got interrupted by DCO's 2x dragon assault. Fun times.

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I'm aware it's a little foolish to expect that out of mods and still hope for a 300+ hour stable save game, and I always prefer to play a little vanilla and have a longer play through rather than terminate an epic one. So what's the go-to mod for encounters now?


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