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Engine Fix fail code 1114 in vortex

Content of the article: "Engine Fix fail code 1114 in vortex"

SOLVED EDIT: Holy shit. I have been working on this for nearly two days now, and finally gave it to asking for help. and within the hour of asking, i stumbled upon the fix. for some reason, my SKSE tool in vortex was set to run in skyrims data folder instead of the main folder, and i didn't even know that was the problem until i had deleted the tool and re-added it, where it defaulted to the main folder instead of data when i selected the .exe. im gonna leave this post here in the hopes that maybe i can someday help another who had this problem. so much frustration by a small error, just crazy.

Hello I recently had to backup my game files and reset my pc, and in restoring those files I’ve been having to work on fixing many issues. The last issue I have is with launching SKSE in vortex, I am met with dll error code 1114 for the engine fixes part 1 plug in. From reading online I believe the main cause of this error is from people who didn’t properly install the SKSE address library

But I do not believe that is the case for me, as I have properly installed engine fixes part 1 and 2 manually as well as the address library, and here’s the kicker: I can launch my game through the SKSE loader without issue outside of vortex, but when I do that I don’t get my mods, and when I try to launch the same exe through vortex so I get my mods, I get immediate CTD after launch and the dll error code 1114 for engine fixes part 1

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If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated, I’ve been working on this since Thursday now and have scoured the internet for answers to no avail

Edit: here's my d3dx9_42.log, looks error-free to me, but im not well versed in this stuff

skse64 plugin preloader - d3dx9_42 exe path: C:UsershunteGamesThe Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - Special EditionSkyrimSE.exe loaded into SkyrimSE.exe or SkyrimVR.exe, proxying SkyrimSE d3dx9_42 funcs and registering preload hook success hook triggered, loading skse plugins found plugin "EngineFixes" for preloading attempting to load found plugins attempting to load "C:UsershunteGamesThe Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - Special EditionDataSKSEPluginsEngineFixes.dll" loaded successfully and Initialize() called loader finished 

and my main skse and engine fix part 2 files are in the main skyrim folder, and the part 1 and address library are in data/skse/plugins. as far as i can tell ive done everything right, and being able to launch without issue from the skse loader exe reassures me of that, but fo the life of me i cant get it to work in vortex


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