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ES6 Predictions based solely on my bitter cynicism

Content of the article: "ES6 Predictions based solely on my bitter cynicism"

Magic and Skill tree systems will be pared down to about 60% of what the previous game had, as is tradition.

  • one-handed, two-handed, and archery all merged into Attack tree
  • heavy armor, light armor, block and alteration merged into Defense tree
  • all magic schools merged into two categories: Destruction and Restoration. Which category they fall into will not make sense
  • alchemy, smithing, and Enchanting will be merged into Crafting tree
  • For a subscription of just $5 a month you can roll back the systems to "True Roleplay" mode which just brings back the skill trees from Skyrim, however it will brick your PC if you have any mods that didn't come from the Creation Club

Map also has to be around 60% of the size, and based on the terrain in the "trailer" from E3 it will probably be Hammerfell.

Armor sets will be reduced to just a suit and a helmet with the ability to stack 3 enchantments on the body at 100 Crafting skill.

Wood Elves will be removed and their race perks will merge into the Khajiit, the Argonians will be removed and their perks will merge into Orcs. Books will be added that insist those races never existed.

All dungeons and bandit hideout quests will be streamlined into the system from Blades, and paying for "True Roleplay" will unlock the world map for exploration.

There will be a $30 version of the game that only allows you to view the opening cutscene and play the half hour tutorial.

For $180 there will be a "True Immersion" version of the game with no bugs at launch, but will only be available through the Bethesda launcher.

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Every 3 or 4 lines of dialogue will cause one of the characters to read a paid advertisement for G Fuel, with the option to skip after the first 6 seconds.

Your character will have voiced dialogue that you choose based on 1 of 4 options, each represented by emoticons that may or may not correspond with what your character actually says.

The ultimate experience will be the top tier Ultimegalpha edition for $449.95 that includes a book of concept art, a plastic sword from a flea market, and "Master of the Universe" mode which just plays the game for you while automatically sending out Tweets praising Bethesda and Todd specifically.


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