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[ESL Mod Release] The Warrior of Rivercrest and Updates

Content of the article: "[ESL Mod Release] The Warrior of Rivercrest and Updates"

A "The Elder Scrolls: Blades"-inspired quest is now available for PC and (I hope it works) Xbox.

"Head to the settlement of Cevil, near Falkreath, where you will hear about "The Warrior of Rivercrest", who passed by and stayed in the village for a little while. Intrigued by who this unknown hero might be, you will head to the Abyss (various dungeons filled with enemies) and will be able to help the warrior on his quest to defeat a lich."

The appearance of the Warrior can change depending on if you have the Creation Club Steel Soldier Armor. If you don't, just download the normal version. Be sure to claim your rewards in the coffers before leaving the Abyss, as you will not be able to return there afterwards.

I suggest to head to the Abyss after, at least, level 15. I haven't made it too hard, but it's not going to be extremely easy for low levels.

The mod was flagged as an ESL and modifies a small area near Falkreath, next to the Cracked Tusk Keep.


I also updated some of my past mods:

Hammerfell Blades (Version 1.1.0)

A notice board is now available in the Temple, next to the archives. You will find six notes written by Duarelm that point out to six locations where you can find Dragonguard/Blades books from other games (Oblivion and Online), in order to complete the Dragonguard Archives.

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Secret Saturalia (Version 1.1.0)

A Sanguine shrine has been added next to the house. Under it, there is a trapdoor that will lead you to one of the Myriad Realms of Revelry called Frozen Plateau. Inside, you might find a new weapon, but you will also have to find your way out.



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