The Elder Scrolls

ESO Server Issues

EDIT 4: Appears that the login issues have been resolved now. If you're still encountering issues, please contact support.

Going to consolidate all of the threads that have been popping up here and leave this pinned until a resolution is reached.

Many players are currently experiencing issues logging into the game servers across all platforms and regions.

You can follow the server status updates on Twitter by following the following accounts:



I'll update this thread as we receive any updates.

EDIT: There is no identified fix at the moment. Expect the downtime to take a while. No ETA.

EDIT 2: Latest from Gina:

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know we're continuing to work hard on getting everything back up as quickly as possible. We're actively making a few adjustments so there may be periods where you're able to log in, but will let everyone know when we have a rough estimate of when the issues will be fully resolved.

EDIT 3: Looks like a lot more folks have been able to get in the last 30 minutes, but the login servers are still a bit overwhelmed so you may need to make multiple attempts.

Quote from Gina:

Ok everyone, we've continued to make some adjustments and we're seeing a lot more of you able to login now. It may take a little time for everyone to get back in as so many are trying to log in at once, but the issue should be largely resolved. Thanks again for your patience today while we worked through this issue.


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