The Elder Scrolls

Excerpts from the Journal of an Aldmeri Soldier in Skyrim

31st of Evening Star 4E 203

My unit has been dispatched on an expedition to Skyrim to enforce the White Gold Concordat and avenge the expulsion of our ambassadors from Skyrim. This should be an easy task. The Nords after all are a simple and backwards folk- and without the Empire to defend them they will be easy pickings; conquering Skyrim will allow us to pressure Cyrodiil from both the North and the South. Ulfric is no Titus Mede after all.

I remember how the finest soldiers, veterans from the Great War and some of the most powerful battlemages were recruited for the expedition; the soldiers marching through the streets of Alinor and passing through the cheering crowds was a spectacle, as was the sight of the fleet leaving port to avenge our national honor.

28th of Evening Star 4E 205

As if the journey here wasn’t hellish enough, now that we’ve arrived our destination is even worse. The plan was to conquer one of Skyrim’s major ports and wait for another army to arrive and resupply; but it’s clear now that that’s not feasible; command underestimated the amount of time it would take to get here; and exactly how treacherous sailing the sea of ghosts is. We were supposed to have made landfall in spring, two years ago! It’ll probably take another two years for reinforcements to arrive; and by then we’d already be dead and the Nords would be ready for them.

We took Dawnstar easily, but by the time we breached the walls we realized that the civilians had been evacuated ahead of time, along with the entire towns stores of food, firewood, drinkable water, and medical supplies. It was only a token force defending the city anyway; though curiously enough the Jarl hadn’t evacuated, and insisted on fighting to the death. Somehow the Nords must have detected our fleet despite our attempts to magically conceal ourselves. Some blame the college of winterhold. Personally I don’t think it matters, at least not anymore. Morale is at an all time low, hunger, frostbite, and disease have already taken out half of the expedition. Some of the Bosmeri archers among us have suggested eating our fallen comrades, a thought which as a high born Altmer, sickens me.

The Nords were able to mobilize an army and respond to our invasion far quicker than we had expected; the old political divisions left over from the rebellion seem to have mended themselves, probably in response to our attack. The Nord beasts have flocked to Ulfric’s banner in droves. Our scouts report that three armies of the Northern savages are converging on Dawnstar; one from the West, another from the East, and the final army from the South. Some of the mer in the ranks say that Ulfric wields some sort of ancient power, and that so does his third-in-command, the one called Stormblade, and that both of them are coming here. The rumors of ancient powers sound like nonsense to me, but I do know that the Nords will assault the city directly or attempt to starve us out. Either way I suspect that the Dominion is about to be subjected to a humiliating defeat.

By the gods how I’ve come to hate snow.


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