The Elder Scrolls

Fan-fictional thought experiment on how you could have the same character fit into each of the main title games (excludes the Shivering Isles DLC)

Note: I'm sure there are many other ways to pull this off, but this is just where my mind naturally took me.

Pre-Arena: Though an Altmer, you had been raised into Imperial nobility, being fathered by head of the Imperial Guard, Talin Warhaft. You never knew your biological parents, having been found abandoned in the Cyrodiil wilderness during what would have been an otherwise ordinary patrol for Talin and his men. Born to unknown parents under uncertain stars, as the saying goes. You were trained in the martial and diplomatic skills by both your father and an old but wise man named Armsmaster Festil, though you eventually wished to learn magic as well due to a hereditary calling, and soon enough you were being trained by Ria Silmane as well. Having been raised under high status, you also managed to become part of the royal court thanks to both your father's good word and your developing bond with Ria Silmane.

Arena and Post-Arena: Your class is Spellsword or at least something similar. You are successful in saving Uriel from the malicious Jagar Tharn, and become an entrusted secret agent of Uriel and the Empire. Though not a member of the Blades or Legion, you work closely with both of them on various low risk missions. One day, Uriel asks to meet you in privacy.

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Daggerfall and Post-Daggerfall: You are a staunch loyalist throughout the entire game, and side with Uriel until the very end. Many believe you to have died in the Warp of the West, but in truth you were imprisoned by the Blades for reasons unknown to you. As you wasted away in the Imperial Dungeons, hatred and a sense of betrayal gradually grew in the depths of your heart.

Morrowind and Post-Morrowind: You are released into Morrowind after a very lengthy imprisonment, your once phenomenal skills in magic and armed combat having deteriorated due to lack of practice. Because of your disguise spell during Arena and your covert status during Daggerfall, you're not instantly recognized by the natives living there as the heroic champion you once were. After your adventures in Morrowind, you head off to Akavir to train in secrecy for approximately six years.

Pre-Oblivion and Oblivion: Using an Alternate Start mod to prevent Uriel from not recognising you as the character from the first three games, you decide to return to Tamriel after you felt accomplished in your studies at the eastern continent, making your way into Cyrodiil soon enough. After some time making a more public name for yourself, you catch wind of the Emperor's assassination, and initiate the Main Quest, followed by the Knights of the Nine DLC. To remain consistent, you never do the Shivering Isles DLC in this timeline. And yes, I recognize this makes Pelinal stronger than Vivec given the CoC had to mantle him to beat Umaril. Weird but just roll with it.


Pre-Skyrim and Skyrim: You return to Akavir, this time for a much longer period of time than before, fading into the chapters of legend in Tamriel, your face lost to your title and deeds. One day you feel compelled to return to Cyrodiil however. You adventure there for a bit, before crossing into Skyrim. You do many great things in Skyrim, and even venture back to Solstheim to stop Miraak, but in the end you finally settle down to raise a family of your own.


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