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Fan theory? Spoilers, obviously. And fair warning, my math might be total trash.

if this first mathy part is TLDR the actual points are numbered at the bottom… this is gonna be kinda long, so bear with me. First let me ask is there anything that confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that the falmer in skyrim aren't actually the descendants of the dwemer? Because I'm thinking they actually are.

So here's some info on the snow elves:

and here's some info about the dwemer:

So, somebody on the first link figured out that the last surviving snow elf is around 4,000 years old at the time of dawnguard… Now possibly, he's got some kind of magic going on, but it seems like the lifespan of a snowelf could be ballparked at ~4,000 years. But just for the sake of argument, let's just aim low and say the average snow elf has a maximum lifespan of 1,000 years.

And if I did the maths right, the dwemer "disappeared" 3751 years before the events of dawnguard…. And I can't find a clear date for when snow elves supposedly sought refuge with the dwemer and got blinded/ enslaved/ etc… But it had to have been at the end of the merethic age, so let's add 1,000 years and that ought to cover it. So 4,751 years before dawnguard, snow elves were a thriving race trying to exterminate/ not get exterminated by the proto-nords in skyrim.

Isn't it commonly supposed that the snow elves devolved into the feral falmer over generations– having been poisoned, enslaved, and blinded by the dwemer after seeking refuge with them?

So let's say the falmer went into hiding with the dwemer 4,751 years ago… got enslaved shortly after… And rebelled against the dwemer during the war of the crag (which coincided with the dwemer disappearance) 3,751 years ago. So the snow elves (supposedly insanely powerful magicians who had more in common culturally with the original aldmer than any other elf race) devolved into flesh eating cave dwellers over the course of an enslavement that only lasted 1 generation and a freedom that only lasted 4 generations?

  1. Unless the dwemer did more than just poison the snow elves, and deliberately magically devolved them, the snow elves could not possibly have devolved into the falmer of tes 5 – their lifespans and generations were far too long. (~5 elf generations between the war with the protonords and their appearance in TES 5) This would definitely not work at all if evolution works the same way on nirn as it does on earth.
  2. Also, where are all the ruins from snow elf structures in skyrim, if they were a thriving society? Other that statue that you pry the eyes out of and the wayshrine thing during dawnguard we don't ever see snow elf architecture. The only elven ruins we see in skyrim are actually dwemer….
  3. In dawnguard this guy explains that reading an elder scroll can strike you blind (because mortals aren't supposed to look that closely at the divine. In tes 5 we learn the dwemer were dicking around with elder scrolls, and kind of using technology to trick the scroll into revealing its secrets. Stands to reason the divine might have been kinda pissed about that. The falmer might be blind-struck dwemer who got to close to the divine.
  4. In discerning the transmundane, that mage-hermit in the iceburg has you collect blood from each race of mer, to trick the lockbox that requires DWEMER blood specifically. Isn't it possible that trick only worked because it wasn't trick at all? Maybe it worked because falmer blood contains dwemer blood, and it literally satisfied the requirements directly.
  5. The war of the crag is pretty much unknown to the surface, and I think we only hear about it from that last snow elf guy. I'm pretty sure , and that guy is not a very reliable narrator. I think the war of the crag was actually a civil war (or perhaps a simple disagreement) between two factions within the same race- the dwemer of morrowind were warring with the chimer (ancestors of the dumer), and the dwemer of skyrim (snow elves) were warring with the proto-nords, and they were having conflict between themselves as to what strategy would be the best for handling this two front war. Some wanted to tap the heart and make their race godlike, others thought that would be a big no-no and wanted to use the scrolls to grant their race insight, Both factions succeeded. and instead of becoming gods with insight, the dwemer turned into feral beasts with no sight.
  6. The dwemer messed with more divine stuff than just the scrolls. They also got busy with the heart of lorkan in TES 3… It's commonly thought that this caused them to vanish. What if it simply transformed them into feral beasts? We know that azura wooped some divine punishment onto the chimer and turned them into the dunmer? Could be a similar thing happened to the dwemer.
  7. the only problem here, is why weren't their falmer in the dwemer ruins of morrowind. I guess we could explain that pretty easily, when the change happened, the dunmer pushed through the blinded ranks of the dwemer, accessed the heart themselves and the tribunal went and pushed the rest of the dwemer out of morrowind and wrote the history as they saw fit ( OMG tHe DwEmEr VaNiShEd!? We totes don't know how that happened, we didn't genocide them… Honest) The proto-nords in skyrim were probably more or less content to wipe the dwemer/falmer off the surface.
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I don't think the last snow elf dude was telling the truth at all. Either he was lying or talking sideways. And he might not even realize that the player sees dwemer and snow elves as different races. If this dude's been underground for a couple thousand years, he could totally think the surface dwellers know all about the dwemer/ falmer/ and their politics. I think the dwemer and snow elves were the same race. They messed around with divine stuff and got turned into blind cave monsters. Mainly because it seems way to ridiculous for evolution to reduce the snow elves to the falmer of TES 5 over the course of ~5 generations. The dwemer and snow elves were different factions within teh same race, and they were changed into the monstrous falmer as a form of divine punishment. Also, there aren't enough snow-elf ruins around skyrim but there are plenty of dwemer ruins and they are all filled with falmer.



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