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Favourite and least favourite 3DNPC quests

Content of the article: "Favourite and least favourite 3DNPC quests"

In my current playthough I am finally doing a few quests from Interesting NPCs that I had previously missed (the mod has been in my load order since forever, but I only perused its content casually and not systematically – which is IMO one of its main selling points, that you can play bits of it while doing other things, as opposite to "play the mod" as something separate from playing Skyrim… but I digress).

After playing a bunch of quests (not all yet), I found that, not unexpectedly, they were quite varied not only in length and depth but also in quality, with some of them being among the most moving and inspiring things ever done in Skyrim, and others being infuratingly underwhelming. Since the mod is both popular and polarizing, and I am sure people have more than a few opinions on various quests, I would like to know – what have you enjoyed, what not, and for what reasons?

As for me, having Zora and Anum-La as followers I truly enjoyed their backstories, they conveyed a lot of emotion and added depth to characters already lovable on their own, allowing them to have a meaningful character arc. While a small quest in terms of quantity, I also loved Terynne's story, that deals with the notion of gender identity in a way that feels real while at the same time fitting in a fantasy world and not coming across as an anvilicious modern-days insert. While the Darkened Steel arc has a bit of highs and lows itself, I really enjoyed how it requires both action and investigation – where investigation actually require you to do some thinking and questioning, while at the same time being simple enough not to be a pause in the story (you're *not* required to stop the game to solve some genius-level puzzle, instead you have to actually pay attention to what people says and try to figure out what's going on). Also the Radiant Dark has the merit of adding things to do at the College, and plays very well with mods such as Not So Fast; the adventure itself is okay, although not especially memorable, but the simple fact of having more content for mages is good news.

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On the other hand my biggest disappointment was The Way of the Nine. It's not some joke or secondary forgettable thing, it's supposedly one of the largest quests of the mod, hence the disappointment. For starters, I had to meta-force myself to proceed, because in game I had very little motivation to get involved with this annoying and likely insane Khajiit. Once I decided to do it anyway, I was sent on a tour to meet some of the worst, more savagely lore-breaking WTF-inducing characters in the mod, such as the pet dragon, the Bosmer who apparently doesn't get how the Green Pact works (no, a helpful stranger can't cut a branch of a Valenwood tree for you), and the "wise" Thalmor you're supposed to go out of character to approach in a friendly way. Other ones were nice/tolerable, but those three were painful. Then in the end you're supposed to make a choice. Good, I like choices, right? Except, the options were so meanigless and based on pseudophilosophical blabber that I could as well tossed a coin, because I still couldn't care less about helping the Khajiit, but I also had no interest in punishing her for not understanding the Gods or something yadayada something.

So, these were some of my likes and dislikes. I haven't done all quests yet so there could be both better and worse to come. What about you? Don't worry about spoilers, in general I like to know what to expect anyway.


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