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Finally finished my Vanilla plus modlist! What do ya think?

My modlist was made specifically to be a vanilla plus experience. None of the mods to crazy deep into overhauling the game. the most I have for overhauls are my graphics mods. Take a look, maybe you will take some inspiration from my list. I tend to immerse myself by talking with the people of Skyrim, so that is why I have sooo many world and character visual mods.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of these mods, nor their authors. I also did not make a single mod in this list. This post is simply for me to share with you all what I have done to "overhaul" my game as an immersive vanilla+ experience! (I've also installed all compatibility patches for these mods, but they are not listed).

I am also posting this to ask a question. Are there any mods here that you think are redundant, that I could remove and possibly save some ram? Haha. What mods here do you think are good, witch ones are bad, and why? Also do you have any mod suggestions that could complement mods I currently have?

That's all! Here's the list! Enjoy <3


Unoffical Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Bug Fixes


SkyrimSouls – Unpaused Game Menus


A Quality World Map

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Display Enemy Level


Noble Skyrim

Mari's flora


Enhanced blood textures

Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack

Realistic Water Two

Deadly spell Impacts

Blended Roads


Darker nights

Enhanced Lighting and FX

ELFX Fixes

Enhanced Saturation – Vibrant Colors


Character Textures:

Tempered Skins for Males

Tempered Skins for Females

RS Children Overhaul

Realistic Children Overhaul

Eyes of beauty

Feminine Khajiit Textures

Feminine Argonian Textures

KS Hairdos SSE

KS Hairdos-NPC

Fangs and Eyes

Better Shaped Female Creatures



Rustic Clothing

Cathedral – Armory

AI + Dialogue:

Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE

Amazing Follower Tweaks

AI overhaul

I'm Glad You're Here

Serana Dialogue Addon

Improved Follower Dialogue- Lydia


FNIS-fores new idles

Girly Animation


Sofia The Fully Funny Voiced Follower

Sofia – Patch to use your default Body and Texture





Scion- Vampire Overhaul

Manbeast-Werewolf Overhaul

Convenient Horses

Ars Metallica

Carriages and ferries, a fast travel overhaul

Civil War Aftermath SE

Mysticism- A Magic Overhaul

Aetherius- A race Overhaul

Mundus- Standing stone Overhaul

Dawngaurd Arsenal


Mortal Enemies

No BS AI Projectile Dodge (Magic and Arrows)



TK Hitsto

3rd Person Camera Overhaul


Player Homes ,Generation:

Cutting room floor

Sepolcri – A complete Burial Sites overhaul

Riverwood Manor

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Northern Bathhouses


Audiobooks of Skyrim

Public Executions

Extended Encounters

Birds of Skyrim

Run for your lives

Followers Can Relax


Rich Skyrim Merchants


Actor Limit Fix

Unequip Quive


DLL Plugin Loader

xSHADOWMANx's Dll Loader

Net Script Framework


Werewolf-loot and activate

More Perk Points Per Level

Radiant Quest Markers

Skyrim Flora fixes

Spell Perk Distributor

Stones of Barenzaih

No More Standing Too Close

Address Library for SKSE Plugins


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