The Elder Scrolls

Finding a fun play style is… fun.

So I'm the type of person that does my homework. Before starting ESO I probably watched at least 20 hours of YouTube videos (including those 2-3 hours "new player guides"). I researched builds trying to determine what I wanted.

I had a real hard time connecting to any class. I typically play rangers in MMOs and the Warden seemed closest but just didn't connect with me. I finally found my class with Hack the Minotaur's Arcane Archer build. For reference, this build is very similar to Neverwinter's Ranger Warden archery build that I was coming from. So a StamSorc it would be.

So I started the game and started getting levels. Early game it seemed tough to image a StamSorc because the abilities required Magica and early levels in this class just wasn't suited for stamina based (hey, I was new and inexperienced). After viewing a heavy attack lightning staff based build I thought, "I guess I can get behind that". Well, I switched to a Magica based build (luckily I was a Dark Elf).

I've tried the whole bar swap thing and it was never comfortable on XBox, I think the controller layout has to do with it. Moving your left thumb to the D-Pad to switch meant you stood still in a battle for 1 second which could be the different between life and death when you have a restoration staff/abilities on your back bar. Changing the controller layout to "C" which used the top button long press meant I kept switching accidentally in an intense fight when I didn't want to. Skills (like channeling), wouldn't let me swap when I wanted to.

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50 levels and about 60 CP later it was ok, but I still just wasn't jiving with the who staff thing. It was fine, but just "blah" play for me. I decided to take advantage of the free respec even and try out a StamSorc again.

Now I'm having fun. I don't have an optimal setup, but one that works. I set up a dual wield front bar and bow back bar. Instead of traditional bar swapping, I instead created two "one bar" builds. Mostly I use the dual wield for trash and the bow for dungeon runs and bosses. Or a combo solo, bow when they are far away and then if they get to me (Clanfear is usually tanking them) switch to dual for "spin to win" whirling blades.

Now I'm over CP 130, on my way to gear cap, and smiling.

Is it damage optimal? No. Am I running Vet or Trials? No. Am I enjoying the heck out of myself? Yes.

Tl:dr- play what makes you happy, life and gaming is too short.

Thanks for listening to my story, enjoy your adventuring!


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