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Finished load order, wanted some other sets of eyes! (longish load order inside)

Content of the article: "Finished load order, wanted some other sets of eyes! (longish load order inside)"

Spent some 50 hours just in game testing now, don't know how much real time it's been at this point, but this is my load order.

Active Mod Files:

00 Oblivion.esm

01 All Natural Base.esm

02 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm

03 Fundament.esm

04 RealisticLeveling.esm

05 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp

++ Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp

06 DLCShiveringIsles.esp

07 Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp

08 Knights.esp

09 LetThePeopleDrink.esp

0A ClocksOfCyrodiil.esp

0B All Natural – Real Lights.esp

0C Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp

0D OOOExtended.esp

0E OOOShiveringIsles.esp

0F BetterInns + NewHomeOwners.esp

10 Book Jackets Oblivion.esp

11 All Natural.esp

12 All Natural – SI.esp

13 WindowLightingSystem.esp

14 Roads of Cyrodiil.esp

15 Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp

16 Kvatch Rebuilt.esp

++ Everlasting Corpses v 1.0.esp

17 BalancedMagic.esp

++ BMEnchantmentRebalance.esp

18 RoadLights.esp

19 IMPChameleonSEV.esp

++ Realistic Armor Weights-2194.esp

1A OOO-Rebalanced.esp

++ OCO_UOP_USIP_Patch.esp

1B HTS.esp

++ Realistic Weapon weights-3534.esp

1C MannimarcoRevisited.esp

1D PSMainQuestDelayer.esp

++ 00 Realistic Player Speech.esp

1E Custom Class Description.esp

1F HeresATip.esp

20 modernizedcalender.esp

21 PTFallingStars.esp

22 Enhanced Economy.esp

23 AoG – Is Anybody Home.esp

24 LootMenu.esp

25 MigMiscellanea.esp

26 MotionBlur.esp

27 NameThatHorse.esp

28 sycNiceToMeetYou.esp

29 P1DlookHereYou.esp

2A Spell Delete And Item Remove.esp

2B WeatherEffects.esp

2C HorseTurnFixed.esp

2D OOOExtendedArcheryPatch.esp

2E CurseOfHircine.esp

2F CoH Revert to Human upon Death.esp

30 COH Animated Werewolf Heads.esp

31 EVE_StockEquipmentReplacer for OOO.esp

++ nu_dwarven_f_cuirass.esp

32 Minotaur Encampments.esp

33 Ash's Odd Jobs II.esp

34 Enhanced Water v2.0 ND.esp

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35 Roleplaying Dialogues.esp

++ No Anachronistic MQ Comments.esp

36 tbskGuardsFeatures.esp

++ RebalancedArenaGoldRewards.esp

37 Legion Forester Outposts Human.esp

38 Unsafe Streets.esp

39 boat ride.esp

3A CoH Werewolves Mixed.esp

3B ROC+LtPD Patch.esp

++ Zira's Horse Modpack – Heavy Legion Horses.esp

++ Zira's Horse Modpack – Armored Legion Horses.esp

3C Zira's Horse Modpack – Extra Horses.esp

3D Zira's Horse Modpack – My Horses.esp

3E Zira's Horse Modpack – More Horses.esp

3F FG_Merchant Inventory Realism V 1_5.esp

40 Immersive Interiors.esp

41 Immersive Interiors – Bravil.esp

42 Immersive Interiors – Imperial City.esp

43 Immersive Interiors – Landscape Addon.esp

44 P1DseeYouSleep.esp

45 za_bankmod.esp

46 Camping.esp

47 Cover yourself when you sleep.esp

48 KDDwemerSpectacles.esp

49 Zira's Horse Modpack – Friesian Horses.esp

++ Zira's Horse Modpack – Shadowmere.esp

++ ImmersivePorters.esp

4A Kvatch Rebuilt Weather Patch.esp

4B PSMainQuestDelayer — Knights.esp

4C EVE_KnightsoftheNine.esp

++ DJS_Realistic_Creatures.esp

4D EVE_ShiveringIslesEasterEggs.esp

++ Female Guards.esp

4E Realist Cuff Mod.esp

++ SafeChests.esp

4F Side's Backpacks.esp

50 Steel Helm Replacer.esp

51 tbskGuardsFeatures OOO Patch.esp

52 Toggleable Quantity Prompt.esp

53 RealisticFatigue.esp

54 NoBackwardsRunning.esp

55 RealisticHealth.esp

56 RealisticForceMedium.esp

57 RealisticMagicForceLow.esp

58 Jump Adjustment-2211.esp

59 SM Combat Hide.esp

5A StolenItemOwnership.esp

5B kuerteeClothingMatters.esp

5C kuerteeCrimeHasWitnesses.esp

5D NE_Realistic_Blocking.esp

5E Bundlement.esp

5F Smarter Mercantile Leveling – Multi.esp

++ Level_Rates_Modified_x3.esp

60 PersuasionOverhaul.esp

++ PersuasionOverhaul_OOO.esp

61 HAZeatanimations.esp

62 actors_in_charge.esp

63 ActorsInEmotions.esp

++ Kart Hair Replace v01.esp

++ Khats & Args.esp

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++ OCO_KvatchRebuilt_Patch.esp

++ OCO_KnightsOTN_Patch.esp

64 OOOSIArcheryPatch.esp

++ cidnothump.esp

65 Really Immersive Messages.esp

66 Companion Compatibility.esp

67 Lanterns of Tamriel.esp

68 TryBeforeYouBuy.esp

69 WeaponDropFixOOO.esp

6A LINK.esp

6B Kvatch Rebuilt – OOO Adaptation.esp

++ Better Glarthir for OCOv2.esp

++ Better Lucien Lachance for OCOv2.esp

++ OCO – Better Martin and Adoring Fan.esp

6C JJ Birthsigns.esp

++ Baurus tweak.esp

++ IFP-specialanimsplayer.esp

6D WeaponReachAndSpeedOverhaul.esp

++ Vampiric Affiliation.esp

6E LegionInteractAnims.esp

6F drunk_with_SI.esp

++ MI Price Edits.esp

70 LegionCombatAdditions.esp

71 Bashed Patch, 0.esp

72 Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp

sorted with LOOT, bashed patch with wrye.fixed every compatibility nonsense i could find in INIsif you spot anything off tell me so i can get invested in a character finally!


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