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First failed trial run as lead & solo tank

Content of the article: "First failed trial run as lead & solo tank"

Sooo… I think I'll start at the beginning of today's session.

Started off by running City of Ash 2 as healer and it took 50 minutes to beat the first bosses, we all called it quits after the first bosses.

Switched to tank and prepped for my first Cloudrest Trial… which got cancelled. No problem, went ahead as tank to get some practice in and solo'd the right outer mini boss, great. But I wiped after going for Z'Maja next.

Stayed on tank and went around getting skyshards until I saw it: HRC LF Tank. I signed up and we got to work, tanked fine, everyone was happy, got to the end only dying once because I got caught on rubble (my bad). Got to the end and it turns out it was vet HRC, my first vet trial! My 3rd trial ever. Great. Giant ego boost.

But I wanted more.

So I put together a group of people from around (mostly from the different guilds I'm a part of) and decided to do nSS. I mean, I've done it as the spare tank and solo healer before, did just fine, know what the other tank did, what could go wrong? (Spoiler: everything that could go wrong went wrong).

The nSS group: 1 Main Tank (me), 2 Healers (one a new healer), and 9 dps (one showed as a tank in the party log but I didn't see, hear, or speak to any other tank).

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How it went: Started fine, first group was a little slow, low dps? No problem. Second group via the left path. I taunt all the mobs and group them together, few people die, ok ok ok. 3rd group via the left path, goes about the same. Lokkestiiz, my nightmare. Plan of attack: copy what the guide says and what the tanks before me did. Went in, taunted, everyone was spread out, I survived the dragon attacks no problem, few people die. Ok ok cool. Lokkestiiz flies up and unleashes his fury and summons the lighning and ice Atronachs, I taunt them and pull together, pull a few frosties into lightning to kill them, about 60% of the group dies and a few atronachs survive, no problem, we rez those who died. Lokkestiiz comes down again and we wipe. Damn. I apologise. We try again. Pretty much the same thing happens, we wipe, I apologise. At this stage it's pretty obvious I'm failing the team, few players vote to replace me, our main healer leaves, from there everyone else leaves.

Overall the nSS trial run was a massive failure, despite being able to tank Vet HRC it's clear that I need to up my game. In the future I'll probably take a lesser role as healer again or as dps, focus more on what other tanks do.

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What to take away: even if you do great in one vet trial don't get cocky because you'll fail in normal trials, you can always be better, and it takes a lot to lead a trial group.


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