The Elder Scrolls

First Time Player, Thought I’d Comment on a Few Minor Issues to Me

  1. Rilm's Gift (Cure Blight Disease on Touch) doesn't work on Blighted Creatures, only Humanoids.
  2. Though I've gotten use to the lack of fast travel, why doesn't every boat connect to every port and every Silt Strider to every strider location?
  3. Some of the Temples (even the High Fane) don't have a triolyth. Given that it's their key station that you tend to be there for, you'd think they'd all have them. Oddly in Gnisis the Triolyth is over in the Fort since it got offset by the Mask. In the High Fane, St. Veloth gives ALMSIVI Restoration at least.
  4. The staircase in Wolverine Hall is backwards. Virtually all Medieval spiral staircases IRL curve so that going up, your right arm is against the center and opposite going down; this is to give defenders an advantage against people coming up the stairs (right handed swordsman have to deal with the central pillar in the way going up, but not down; non-issue on wide open staircases, but an almost realistically thin one like there seems like it should).
  5. Lock/Unlock spells can be given an area of effect, but this area isn't actually used (can specify when making it 'on target Open in radius 10 feet' when making the spell, but in actuality it will only open on direct hit).
  6. Security skill seems so pointless: Open + Telekinesis does the same things easier and Alteration magic can do so much more; no reason to play with a lockpick apart from trying to game the 5x multipliers (or stat gains with Madd Leveler).
  7. Calm Humanoid + Admiration up to 100% on a 'spawned hostile' human doesn't make them passive when the calm wears off and they don't have much to say, usually; even less than a 'no lore' NPC in town. After some reading going to try Intimidate instead, since that says 'lowers fight, raises flee'; but it's annoying to not be able to permanently deal with a threat by 'talking it out' when it was so close to being the case.

IDK if any mods change these things; I got a bunch of them, but I mostly randomly selected the most popular ones in order to get an 'upgraded' experience, especially with the graphic mods so the game would be up to more modern standard.

Mod Specific (AshFall):

  • NPCs commenting on my wounds when I just haven't eaten in awhile because I've been travelling is a bit annoying (AshFall drains MaxHP if your character is hungry). Additionally with the Blood and Gore mod enabled (I turned it off because of this), you randomly just shit blood when your hunger level rises.
  • I know the mod author wants people to engage with the mod more; but visiting an altar or casting "Cure Common Disease" really should work on the three mod-added diseases.

For reference my first character was/is a High Elf Healer, born under the Sign of the Atronach. Highest guild ranks in Mage Guild and Tribunal Temple so far; highest skills are Speechcraft and Illusion at this point.


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