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Fixing Skyrim Barter System.

I think we have this problem shipped with Skyrim release 11/11/11.The function ShowBarterMenu() seems to be hardcoded in Skyrim and there are no options we can do with it.The issue is the following:In Skyrim there is no such thing: Merchant inventory reset after some amount of days.

(that wasn't the case for older Games like Oblivion)

The game forget anything about your previous transaction when you load your savegame from desktop. When you load the game from the desktop all merchant inventories are reset (including the their gold) . For this reason mods that adjust merchant gold are absolutely pointless (do not waste your time downloading such mods).I have dome a lot of tests and comes to the following constatations:

1) After doing a transaction with a merchant, the game save the content of the merchant container as it was altered by the transaction. Even if you load the game from desktop, the merchant container remains in it content altered form. (that's Okay)

2) Now the issue is that when you barter with the merchant from a dialogue (and then the game use the function ShowBarterMenu), the game forget everything about the altered container and use the Creation Kit version of the merchant container with its leveled lists.

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Especially the "leveled list items" of the merchant container are problematic using the function ShowBarterMenu.

3) I can set the merchant container not respawning and that solves only half of the problem because the leveled items are still an issue.

4) I can attach a script to the merchant container


Event OnInit()



Event OnUpdateGameTime()





and that's Okay it will reset the merchant containers after some amount of days but I have still this problem with ShowBarterMenu used in the barter dialogue.

5) Possible workarounds- Use RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime() at the end of barter dialogue script.

– Use another safe merchant container reference and use the line in scripts


If someone with more scripting knowledge help (hopefully DavidJCobb ), I will be grateful.



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