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Flames of Ambition lore tidbits.

Flames of Ambition is primarily a prelude to the upcoming Blackwood Chapter/Gates of Oblivion story, but it some interesting information in it's own right.

The rise of Durcorach the Black Drake to rule of the Reach and later the Empire was, in considerable part, made possible by the Tagh Droiloch (High Dark Wizards, in the dialect of the Reach), a secretive coven of powerful wizards that either made it's presence known or was formed in the Reach around 2E 516 (66 years before the start of ESO).

The Tagh Droiloch possessed a peculiar aptitude to summon and command even the most powerful Daedra, and easily broke several rival covens, eventually becoming secret masters of the Reach through the dread of their name and whispers of their displeasure.

When Durcorach (himself a sorcerer of no small skill, according to Tharn) began making a name for himself among the chieftains, they allied themselves with him (as if they'd been waiting for someone just like him) and helped him subdue all other clans, but, when the Black Drake took the Ruby Throne, they seemingly vanished (Abnur Tharn suspects some sorcerers in Durcorachs inner circle to have been members, but the coven as a whole was never heard from again).

It is said that within a year of the alliance, Durcorach commanded 2000 spears, within two years he commanded 10000 and, when at last he judged his strength great enough, the army he raised from the Reachfolk clans was many times that size.

Within a year of his adoption by the Tagh Droiloch, Durcorach commanded two thousand spears*. Within* two years, he commanded ten thousand*. And at last, judging his strength sufficient to his ambition, he* unleashed a horde many times that size upon an unsuspecting Tamriel. The rest is, as they say, history.

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The West Narsis Mining Concern uses geomagi, mages who can sense the composition of the ground through magic, in their mining operations.

Using the newest and most sensitive techniques, our geomagi claim to sense substantial veins running deep through the site.

Proximity to the buried shrine of Mehrunes Dagon within the mines seems to have made a number of miners lose control of their minds/bodies, they described hearing angry whispers that made them feel anger as well.

The whispers followed them even in their sleep, and many were eventually driven mad.

The operations of the Order of the Waking Flame in the mine are headed by Baron Zaudrus, a crimson Daedric chieftain the size of a giant (he looks pretty similar to Dagon himself).

Lyranth knows Zaudrus by reputation, and he has heard of her in turn. One of the cultists says Zaudrus is unlike any type of Daedra she's seen summoned before.

Once a thriving source of profit for the merchant Felisa Vendu, she abandoned this old mine after workers revolted. They insisted that voices came to them from the darkness. A low whispered chanting that followed them to their sleep, driving many of them mad. Since then, only fools have entered.

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Certain fluids that can conduct/transfer magic appear to exist, Lyranth uses a Daedric catalyst fluid to allow her magic to extend further while imprisoned.

Members of the Elder Council appear to correspond to/represent specific partitions of land, there's a representative of the Trans-Nibe, a representative of Blackwood, of Colovia, and so on.

The bounty for a councilor considered a traitor is 1000 gold drakes.

The full title of Durcorach upon taking the Ruby Throne was: His Imperial Majesty Durcorach, the Black Drake, first of his name, first of his house, by law of conquest Emperor of Cyrodiil and Protector of Tamriel

The hidden cache within the Shrine of the Black Maw is protected by a powerful ward, the ward prevents mortal creatures from passing through, but is lethal to Daedra who touch it.

The spell can be disabled using amulets crafted for that very purpose, but it's only temporary and takes a tremendous amount of power.

A different ward in Ne Salas is noted to be even more powerful, to the extent that Lyranth and her amulet fail to disable it, but Evel Sharp-Arrow somehow unravels it without even knowing how.

The event astounds Lyranth who says that, though she doesn't know what it is, she senses something powerful from Eveli.

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What are your thoughts ? Any speculation on Durcorach and the Tag Droiloch or the unknown power Lyranth can sense from Eveli ?


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