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FNIS Sexy Move mod issues

Content of the article: "FNIS Sexy Move mod issues"

I'm completely confused at this point regarding FNIS Sexy Move mod.

2 days ago I had about 100 mods loaded all working together. The FNIS Sexy Move mod was included which it was working with no issues. This was being ran through the FNIS system.

I learn about the Combat Gameplay Overhaul, Movement Behavior Overhaul, and Jump Behavior which required Nemesis. After learning that Nemesis creates a dummy FNIS.esp, I knew I shouldn't have a problem continuing with any mods that required FNIS while making the change. Altogether I add another 20 mods or so. Ran into a few problems here and there but was able to make the necessary changes or find the patches to keep everything working fine.

The only thing that stopped working was FNIS Sexy Move. It partly worked. If I used a female character, it would only work if I chose the 360 check box in the MCM (at the time I didnt have the 360 patch downloaded but it still worked). But all the npcs stopped using the animations. And it stopped working with my female character if I unchecked the box in the MCM (before the mod stopped working, I didn't need to check the 360 box).

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I assumed some other mod was overwriting the animations so I started unchecking a few mods that may cause an issue. I'm now down to 6 or so key mods still active and it's still not working. I tried swapping back to FNIS instead of Nemesis, still no luck. When I redownloaded FNIS to try, the sexy Move mod wouldn't work at all but then going back to Nemesis, it once again just worked on my female character.

I then wanted to see if it was a problem with Sexy Move mod altogether and so I unchecked the mod and added the Mors Feminine Females which should affect female's walk animation but it also didn't work.

So now I'm just confused. Only have 5 mods running and 2 mods that affect female npc walk animations won't work. Did I do something to the animations on accident that was permanent that can't be removed by removing a mod and now they are stuck on walking on standard?

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Any suggestions? Do I need to fully delete mods while im trying to troubleshoot or is unchecking to disable them from the load order okay?

Yes, I Launched Nemesis and turned on the behaviors it created before launching Skyrim. And yes, I use LOOT to fix the load orders. I've deleted and re-installed the mods in question multiple times. I test if works by creating a new game from scratch rather than using a previous save.

Load Order

Mod List

That's it. I'm so confused lol. Any ideas?


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