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For those having CTDs when going outside, I may have figured out the mod that’s causing it.

So just started a new playthrough and I've noticed when leaving Whiterun I was getting crashes.

I tested a couple of weather mods and I noticed these objects kept causing the crash.

Possible relevant objects (3)

{ < 104> BGSHazard(Name: Fire, FormId: 00057A8C, File: Skyrim.esm)

< 104> Hazard(FormId: 000FC90D, File: Skyrim.esm, BaseForm: BGSHazard(Name: Fire, FormId: 00057A8C, File: Skyrim.esm))

< 213> BSSkyShaderProperty(Name: null)

After awhile, I traced it back the root cause being Smooth Sky mesh

If you're using Cathedral Weathers, that mod comes with Smooth Sky Mesh installed with it.

So after getting rid of Smooth Sky Mesh, I noticed the CTDs when going outside have stopped.

This is just my own personal anecdote of course. But if anybody has a reproducible CTD when you go outside, try uninstalling Smooth Sky Mesh or uninstalling Cathedral Weathers to see if the problem still persists.

EDIT: For people wanting to know what method I used to point the blame on Smooth Sky Mesh.

Essentially I had two different saved playthroughs.

One with Cathedral Weathers, One with Obsidian Weathers.

I had a reproducible CTD that when trying to leave from an interior building in Whiterun and you go outside, the game crashes.

Sometimes it doesn't occur when entering or leaving Whiterun, but when it occurs the first time, it reoccurs consistently whenever you try to leave the location.

After 4-5 attempts, it was reproducible, which made me conclude that it has to be something with an issue with a specific mod.

Seeing as according to the crash log it's related to some issue with weather or with the sky, I looked to my weather mods first.

For the playthrough using Cathedral weathers, I uninstalled it. Ran outside no problem, no crashing.

I then installed obsidian weathers during that same playthrough and tried to reproduce it. No problem.

In a NEW playthrough, I also had Obsidian weathers, but this time I also had Smooth Sky Mesh installed.

When I went to Whiterun, the problem recurred again. Trying to leave the Bannered Mare or Arcadia's Cauldron resulted in a CTD.

It was a reproducible CTD. I uninstalled Smooth Sky Mesh, and the game no longer CTD.

As of a few hours of testing, I could no longer reproduce the crash.


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