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Friendly rant about my favorite people you find in normal dungeons

My favorite thing to do in ESO is random normal as a dps. I’m always queued for it. I think it’s relaxing and fun, and I’m a way better player now because of it, even if it’s just normal content.

But man, the type of people you run into is just crazy.

In my experience most people are chill. They do their job and say GG and leave. But about 25% of players I just can’t wrap my head around how their brains work.

Let’s start with fake tanks and healers. To be honest I don’t really care about people doing this in normal content. I always queue as a dps, bc I think it’s rude to fake, but it hasn’t really prevented me from finishing a dungeon. The problem is that almost all of these people, especially the fake tanks, are complete cowards. Hovering behind everyone else, hoping not to get noticed, waiting for someone else to pull. I’d have more respect for them if they took initiative and actually tried to show the group “you don’t need a tank for this”, but nah. You queued as a tank big guy, pull the boss. Let everyone see how amazing you are with that bow. These players are almost always the ones who don’t fight trash because they’re looking for chests too, which they never call out.

Second are the afkers. These are the people I really don’t understand. Opening their inventory after every trash pull. What are you looking for?? I guess the people who do this the most are newer players who want to read what every piece of gear they get does as they loot it. But I still see CP 1000+ players do this all the time. It baffles me.

Next are the true cowards of ESO. People who instaleave easy content. And I’m not talking about tanks who want easy transmutes who found themselves in Moongrave Fane. I mean even dps players who I know waited just as long as me to instantly leave when they get into… Ruins of Mazzatun? This happened today, and we ended up three manning most of the dungeon and still cleared it quickly. I had to assume that guy was in queue when we left, hoping for Fungal Grotto? It makes no sense. Just run the dungeon. First boss takes 10 minutes to kill? Ok I can understand wanting to leave, but at the start? You’re just showing everyone how scared and/or rude you are.

Last is the scum of the earth. People who solo dungeons with new players in them. I can not fathom anyone’s time is so precious that you have to clear Fungal Grotto in 5 minutes instead of 15 and do it at the cost of ruining the experience for people who are doing their first dungeon. This shit actually makes me angry. We all know you’re going to go back to standing around Riften doing nothing anyway. It just makes you look like an absolute tool. My block list is full of these people.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always thought that when you use a dungeon finder you are agreeing to the inherent randomness that comes with it. As such I’ve never left a dungeon or complained to people, and am happy to explain mechanics. But this does not seem like a popular idea. For the most part the pug “community” is fine, and I still love it but I’ve honestly never seen so many selfish, entitled, impatient people in any MMO I’ve played.

To those people, I can only quote the wise words of the fake healer I had who repeatedly died to the last boss of White Gold Tower, “Y’all sukk”.


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