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From an aspiring modder – what is most useful to you mid- to late-game?

So I've been working on a couple of mods and there's a question that I keep coming back to – what do players actually need in the late game? What's scarce, a quality of life improvement, or helpful for a highish levelled character who's finished a faction questline or two? Especially if they're playing a heavily modded setup?

I know that back when I was playing vanilla, by the time I'd become Guildmaster of Many Things, I was loaded with money, gems, and barely bothered to pick up loot because I just had so much of it. Is there anything more valuable to the player? Carry weight, convenience? Do people actually like/use/need the player homes with the intense amount of crafting stations, displays, and all the bells and whistles? Genuinely asking because it's been quite a while since I've been there and I don't know if mods affect late game play a ton in this context.

I ask because I'm working on mods that often really come into play later in the game. For example, I'm a good part finished on a Dawnstar Sanctuary overhaul. A search shows a common wish for all of the crafting stations to be accessible. Beyond that, what would be actually rewarding/useful and would make you actually come back to the place?

I have an idea for a few gimmicks, but I've been holding off on implementing them because I don't know if they'd actually resonate with people.

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If I was a genie that could grant wishes, for the Dawnstar Sanctuary I'd hope to:

  • Immersively introduce blood potion crafting (mods out there for this so I'd hope to add something a bit different)

  • Allow Lucien to wander the sanctuary and interact with guild members

  • Integrate ways to obtain some of the awesome related armour mods or new armour enchantments (for example by recruiting a smith and researching the recipes or obtaining ingredients)

  • Add a different way to save the dark brotherhood: give the Night Mother a filled black soul gem each to return your friends from the void

  • Strengthen the brotherhood and be rewarded with the ability to "spar" with sanctuary guardians for training, instead of using the torture room

(I will likely end up making a separate thread for these ideas but I thought I'd mention them to show what I mean.)

Anyway, this turned out longer than intended, so TL;DR what would you want from a mod that looks to give you quality of life improvements at a guild headquarters after you've finished a faction questline, beyond giving you new loot/money?


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