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Frustrating finding an active guild that actually lets you participate

Content of the article: "Frustrating finding an active guild that actually lets you participate"

Now that I’m nearing CP 500 and have completed all of the trials on normal mode and many on veteran mode, I am looking to step up my game and challenge myself. May be that’s starting with the Craglorn trials in HM or running vet Cloudrest with +2 or +3.

I’ve been searching for the right guild for several weeks now, probably joined about 10 or 15 and left the same number. I’ve been leaving for various reasons. One recently, was just overall activeness. A guild of supposedly 475 players and over a week I never saw more than a dozen online at any one time. I know about the privacy settings to make it appear you are offline, but how many people can possibly use that? Hundreds within one guild? May be…guess its possible, but I never saw anything or very rarely saw anything in guild chat channel.

In other cases, I got frustrated with the requirements. I understand wanting to have a solid group for running veteran HM trials. Absolutely. What really frustrates me is the general dishonestly up front. If your guild has strict requirements and you believe there is only one right way to play every role (from the sets you must wear, to the skills that must be on the front and back bars), then that is perfectly fine, but be honest when someone asks you about the requirements and you really should put that on your guild information. “Very strict requirements. We believe there is only one way to play this game and only one way to play each role. No exceptions.” Cool. Perfect. That’s not the guild for me.

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Last example, was a guild that I quit today that wanted me farm 5 or 6 sets all in divines and the full sets not just 5 pieces with pugs before I could join any guild dungeons or trials, even the normal ones…which one can pug easily. Again, if that’s your requirements, then that is perfectly fine. But be open and honest about those requirements up front. Don’t tell me that if I have cleared vAA, vHRC and vSO and have one of certain sets that I’ll be good to go when in fact you want me to have several sets…just put that as a requirement in the guild information. “For tanks, must have all 12 pieces in the following sets. For healers, must have all 12 pieces in the following sets. All armor must be divines. No exceptions.”

Again, absolutely nothing wrong with strict requirements, but be open and honest about those up front. If you require a 6 to 9-month probationary period where players must participate in one guild normal trial per week, that’s perfectly fine, but be honest and up front about that. Don’t give someone a rank tell them they can sign up for trials and then deny them because they haven’t completed enough normal trials with the guild.

And how exactly am I supposed to complete a vet trial with the guild if I can’t run it with the guild until I complete a vet trial with the guild? That was one of the requirements in one. “Must have completed vSS, vCR and vKA with us to participate in any vet trial runs.” Well guess I’m out then…

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