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Game crashes after I change load order

Content of the article: "Game crashes after I change load order"

I tried to install some clothing mods and the Marry Almost Anyone mod, but now (even after uninstalling them all and not having played with any of them) the game crashes after changing the load order at all e.g. disabling and re-enabling a mod. If I don’t touch the load order, entering and exiting mod menu works fine, and I still appear to be able to play when coming back after a crash (no crashes ingame so far), but it’s… concerning. I updated the system software and the game is latest version, it’s still doing it.

Also I haven’t yet married/adopted anyone or bought a house in either of my modded saves if that matters. I have Serana as a follower in one of them, and in the other one I used Fast Alternate Start (the Robbed option) and I’m like level 2.

Sorry about the formatting I’m on mobile 😐

EDIT: I forgot to see if disabling all mods would still cause a crash- currently backing up, I’ll try once I’m done. I first added mods when my main save was like lvl 20-25 and I’m on lvl 30 so atleast I shouldn’t lose the ENTIRE save 😅

Mods I tried to install: (they were at the bottom) *Paladin, ranger & mercenary armors *Armor, clothes and variants *Argonian hatchlings-children of tamriel *Marry almost anyone *Exquisite clothing (I deleted the Argonian children one after finding out you can’t adopt them, and also figuring the city mods would conflict with it)

Load order: (I messed with it after uninstalling the new mods seeing if that would fix it) *Unofficial skyrim SSE patch *Lore-based loading screens *Wear multiple rings *Better horses *Werewolf perks expanded *Vampires and magic *Dense grass ps4 *No ugly vampires *Ps4 character editor-all in one customisation pack *Rain and snow FX *Hold riders *Realistic AI detection SE *Populated skyrim civil war *FOS Forests of Skyrim *Magical college of winterhold *Great city of solitude *Kato’s whiterun *Kato’s riverwood *Kato’s ivarstead *Stendarr’s beacon enhanced *The great cities *Obsidian weathers *Epic enhanced console graphics *Race menu any time *GET your house pet changer *Fast alternate start

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