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Game crashes upon setting foot on the Volkihar Island

Content of the article: "Game crashes upon setting foot on the Volkihar Island"

Recently whenever I try to set foot on the island that houses the Volkihar Castle and the related locations, the game freezes in the loading screen then crashes to desktop (I can coc into Volkihar Castle cells that are not outside). I'm not sure as to why this is happening, but I do believe that a mod(s) is a cause, but I'm not sure which. I originally thought that a previous save(s) or my character was the problem, but I was proven wrong.

Here are the mods that are enabled:

20 percent More Perk Points

AcheivmentModsEnabler SSE

Address Library for SKSE Plugins – All In One

Alternate Conversation Camera

Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Amazing Follower Tweaks

Amazing Follower Tweaks SE – AFTNoFriendlySpellDamage)

Apocalypse v945

Argonian Hair Plus

AtCW – Seige Damage Repairs

Auto Hide Ammo

Bandolier And Pouches Classic SSE

BarenziahQuestMarkers SSE v1-3-1

Beast Skeletons 6.1

Beasts of Tamerial 5.2.1 alpha

Believable Crime Report Radius

Bells of Skyrim – All-in-one installer

Better Jumping SE

BetterStealing v2

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Bogmort – Mud Monsters of Morthal Swamp – BOGMORT

Bone Colossus – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – bone colossus (sse) v2.1)

Bosmer Armor pack SE1.0

Butterflies Unchained

Cactus Witcher Music

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer – v1.6.1

Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim

Castle Volkihar Rebuilt


CBPC – Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR – CBPC – Fomod installer – MAIN FILE

Cloaks of Skyrim SSE – v1.2.1

Combat Gameplay Overhaul

Corpus Victims – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – corpus victims sse 2.1)

Crimson Blood Armor

Critical Hit – Backstab and Parry in Skyrim Special Edition

DaedricPunishmentForSweetrolls SSE

dangerous bees sse

Darker Nights for Obsidian Weathers

Dawnguard Map Markers

Destructible Display Cases – 1.4

DisplayEnemyLevel v1.1.3 for skyrimSE

Diverse Guards Skyrim 5.2

DivinePunishmentForArrowsAndKnees SSE v1-1

Dolmen Ruins – ESO Dark Anchors

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Dragon Carved Armor Set

Dragon Claw Stands


DragonPunishmentForCloundDistrict SSE

Durzog Replacers for SIC

Durzogs SE

dwarven spinners sse

Dwarven Threshers – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – dwarven threshers sse)

Dwemer Gate Don't Reset

Dwemer Goggles and Scouter

DX Crimson Blood Armor – SSE CBBE BodySlide

Earthquakes SE

Elemental Triad – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – elemental triad (sse) 1.1)

Enemy (REvolution – EEOS Installer)

Enemy Bats – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – enemy bats (sse) 1.1)

Enhanced Atronachs – With Leveling and Luminosity – Luminous Atronachs

ESO Skyshards

Face Masks of Skyrim

Faction Economy Complete

Farm Animals and Co. Extended version SE

Fast Travel Ambushes and Consequences SE


Follower Commentary Overhaul SE – FCO SE v1.0

Foolhardy nirnroot

Footprints 1.5.3

Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS SE – FNIS Behaviour SE 76)

Frozen Electrocuted Combustion – 3.7.1

Giant Rats – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – giant rats 2.4 (sse))

Giant Scorpions – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – giant scorpions (sse))

Glowing ebony armor – Standalone

Guar Mount and Wild Guars SE – Guars SE

Harvestable Mammoth Skulls

HDT-SMP ( Skinned Mesh Physics – HDT-SMP for SSE 1.5.97 v2.11)

Hold Riders V1.2 – My Gift To You

Horker Weapon Pack SE

Horns are Forever SE

House Cats – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – house cats sse)

leva's Nirnroot

Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE

Immersive Armours – SSE CBBE Bodyslide

Immersive Weapons

Improved Closefaced Helmets (SSE)

Improved Fish SE


iNeed – Food Water Sleep -iNeed v190 Alpha 1)

Kagouti – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – kagoutis 1.1)

Killable Children WHO NEEDS IT

Lethal Traps

Lightning During Storm Sse V3 (Minty's Lightning)

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Lootable Woodpiles

Luminescent Luna Moths

manmoths SE

monster race crash fix

Moonlight Tales Special Edition – Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul – Moonlight Tales SE 135)

More Growable Plants SE 1.5


mountain lions and panters (sse 1.3)

Netches at Skyrim SE

Northshore Landing Ghost Ship -ESP-ESL

Oblivion Gates in Cities

Ordinator – Sugar Atronach Compatibility Patch

Ordinator 9.28.1

Papyrus Extender – 3.3.4

PapyrusUtil SE – Scripting Utility Functions

Perk Points and More Gold for Bounty Quests

Pigeons – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – pigeons 1.1 (se))

Posionblooms – beware the swamp REDUX

RaceMenu – RaceMenu Special Edition v0-4-12

Randomized WOrd Walls

Reliquary of Myth – Artifact Overhaul

Remoris' Dawnbreaker HD – Vanilla Colors

Rhinos of Skyrim 2 SE

Rich Skyrim Merchants

Riverwood Bridge Reborn



RUSTIC SOULGEMS – Special Edition – 1K Sorted

Sacrosanct v515

Serena Dialogue Add-On – SDA DX Crimson Armor Patch CBBE

Serena Dialogue Add-on 1.8.1

Shout – A Complete Immersive and Dynamic Overhaul of All Shouts – Shout v1.07

Sigils of Skyrim – Banners

Sigils of Skyrim – Shields

Slit Striders – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – slit striders sse)


Skyrim Immersive Creatures v66a NMM BAIN)


Snow Whale Bones – Airship Crash Version

Snowrays – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – snow rays (sse))

SOT Sleeping Encounters

Spell Perk Item Distrubertor – 3.7

Squirrels – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – squirrels (sse))

Sugar Artonach

Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim – Summermyst v307

Supply and Demand

Supreme and Volumetric Fog SE (default -ESP-FE)

Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn SE v6.7.9

Tari – the Durzog Follower

The Blood Horker (Bloodmoon Creature Restoration Project SE – Blood Horker)

The Falkreath Hauntings

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The Notice Board

The Notice Board – Better Solsteim Quests

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

The People of Skyrim 2 – All In One Installer

The Staff of Sheogorath

Thunderchild – Epic Shouts and Immersion – Thunderchild v411

True Storms Special Edition – Thunder Rain and Weather Redone – True Storms – Main File 1.0.2

Undead FX 4.2

Unlimited Recharge for Daedric Weapons and other Unique Items

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Unread Books Glow SSE 2.2.1

Watchtowers of Skyrim

We Don't Float

Wet and Cold SE v2.3.0

Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim – Wildcat v700

Winter is Coming SSE – Cloaks – WIC Cloaks SSE 24)

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition

zombie dogs and skinned hounds (sse)

Zombies – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT – zombie dogs v2.1 (sse))


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