The Elder Scrolls

Game CTD’s when discovering any major location (riverwood, forts, camps)

The game CTD's whenever i go towards an major location, including forts by the riverside to the most notable example: riverwood.

I have some theories to what may be causing it, but no solid evidence to back any claims made, which is where troubleshooting professionals come in handy.

It could be anything from a nude mod that removes the cloth wrappings you start off with conflicting with another, to the HDT havoc objects being affected, to something more serious.

What's REALLY weird though is areas like Helgen do not crash…. Anything with a fort, stronghold, or village ID though does…

Load order (Enabled and installed only) :

4K Female Dragonic CBBE

A Colt 1911 And Gun Belt – Colt45


Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Amazing Race Tweaks Argonian – 2016 edition – Latest Release (Version 5,2)

Angelic Halo and Demonic Horns

Animated Dragon Wings (All-In-One) New2-53271-1-30

AnimationLoadingFix 1,1,0

Argonian Fins V2,0

Become a Bard – LPBards_5_0_7

Better Claws and Gauntlets (Clawed and Better 3rd Person Meshes)-52918-2-1

Better males – Beautiful nudes and faces – New hairstyles – Nudes – FavoredSoulMeshes – FlaccidVersion – (Meant for immersion – since when have you strip searched someone naked and they have magical underclothes attached to their bodies like tattoos? NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!)

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Better Vampires 8.5

BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) LE – UNP Remastered BHUNP TBBP 3BBB Body LE (For compatibility with HDT Havok Physics for objects)

BigBizkit's Skooming Skyrim v1,51

Bodyslide Sliders V1,030-59876-V1-030

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3,4f

Calling Card Mod v 1,0

Cast Rapid fire Arrows FGv 1,0

Calliente Chronotrigger77 ousnius – stuffed_bunny v 1,0,1

Cerinian Race-73117-1-3

Clone Conjuration Female PC-93422-2-0

Colored Collars-78384-1-0

Colt45 Gun Belt v 1,0

Dwarven Bionic Suit Dwemer Light Power armor – Armor V 2

Enter the Soul Cairn V 1

Figurine Collector V 1,1,0

Flowing Red Cape 1-3 version V 1,3

Fractured Reality – Pocket Dimension Player House and Spell Mod – Realm House 1,1

Glowing Fins for Daedric Arrows – Aura version-42792-1-0

Gold Coin w Ruby-6930-1

HD Armored circlet by Johnskyrim (replacer version) V 1

Killable and Lootable Children-17849-1-01

Killmove Control 2_1

LagoonLE – Skyrim Tropical Island MOD – Ver1,5

Lockpick Pro v3

Lucario in Skyrim V2

NPCs Ignore Dropped Items V 1

Osare KneeSocks 2nd 1_0 (Want armor that's easily fortified? these are an easy quickfix)

Quick Light V 2,2

RaceCompatibility All-in-One NMM installer V 1,107

REDEAD – DRAUGR SFX Replacer V 1,5


Skyrim Anti Crash V 1,0,0,0,

Soul Cairn Drainlife Crystal 1,2

Toriel Delta Rune Mourner's Clothes Retexture Version : HARD-MODE … jk (Apparently the mod author doesn't take Version numbers seriously)

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Vampire Face Less Sunken for females V 1,0

Visual Animated Enchants V,2


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