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Gamepad movement binding to controller

Thanks to this bad boy and a little tinkering, I’ve found a way to remap bindings to the gamepad while maintaining the fluid movement of the controller joystick (when you remap the joystick to WASD the movement is terrible in third person).

What to do: Install mod at top of page.

Edit your controller in the Steam Controller Configurator using Big Picture. Go to your library and find Skyrim SE, there’s an option to edit the controller layout. Make sure your joysticks are set as Joystick Movement. This will cause them to function exactly like a gamepad in game, not the clunky WASD movement in 3rd person.

Remap your buttons how you want. I use LB as a modifier key and remapped the rest of the buttons to new hotkeys from iEquip and TK Dodge.

Below the controller configuration option is another option involving controllers. Open it and change the option to force steam inputs.

Now this part is important if you are remapping modifiers to L and R trigger. Even if you remap them, they will still register in game as both the remapped setting and L/R hand attacks.

Go to the controlMap text file installed by the above mod in your interface folder in MO2 data tab.

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Move down to the L/R attack mapping, and change the third entry to 0xff for both. Change the 7th entry for both to 0. This will change the control map of left and right attack to empty values for gamepad and then prevent them from being able to be mapped to the controller. After this is done, your L/R triggers will only input what they are mapped for in Skyrim.

The best part of this setup is that you get all the awesome things of both: tons of buttons on a gamepad for maximum comfort, your action buttons and menu keys aren’t fucked, and you get gamepad character movement in 3rd person while still being able to remap your controller.

If you implement this and have any issues just let me know I’ll try to help you figure it out.


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