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Getting consistent CTD in Ustengrav.

Content of the article: "Getting consistent CTD in Ustengrav."

This is only happening after I enter the area passed the gates you have to whirlwind sprint through.

I have no idea how to fix it. I've ended up deleting my save because I couldn't progress through the main story that I wanted to and I screwed up my saves and my only one I had before entering was about 10 hours beforehand.

I tried doing console commands to SetStage but It ended up causing Delphine to not have the correct dialogue option to rent the attic room and my assumption would be that It would end up screwing up the game's main quest if the triggers weren't cause for the specific NPCs.

I gave myself the note she leaves from console and the horn but reading the note wouldn't progress the stage of the quest and I couldn't give the horn to the Greybeards.

I tried spawning the note at my feet then reading it once I had used SetStage to be at the correct stage, but that wouldn't work.

I tried setting my speed to 1000 then running through to the room quickly before it crashed. I got to the note only once but then it crashed before I could read it. I couldn't replicate this, it would just crash sometime between the gate and that room. I also tried to turn off collision and get there, but that also would crash the same.

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It is obviously an issue with my mods, but I was just wondering if anyone else had ever experienced this before and what could be causing it because in my head I can't think of anything because I wasn't even entering a new area. I also wasn't too keen on going through my 250+ mods and disabling each one and testing.

I've used LOOT to sort my load order and I wasn't getting any consistent crashes like this anywhere else.


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