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GGs is OPEN FOR BUSINESS – A friendly Discord Server to come by and say “Good Game”

Content of the article: "GGs is OPEN FOR BUSINESS – A friendly Discord Server to come by and say “Good Game”"

After extensive discussion with the GGs community, I have decided to keep it open as an inclusive, friendly place to come chat about the game with other players.

See below for details of the Server Rules and Moderation process.

Here is an invite to the channel : KjECr9Q5Yy

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS from the Blades community to help with moderation of the site – just DM me if you are interested.

See You in the Arena!

_Bobbaloo BoogieKnight

GGs Server Rules

The GGs Server is intended as a friendly place to connect with other ES Blades Arena Players.

Here you are welcome to:

Say "GG" (Good Game) to other players for a recent match

Ask Questions about Arena Play

Answer Questions about Arena Play

Invite any other active Arena Player

Chat with other Members about ES Blades-related topics

Participate in Arena Free-For-Alls

Share gear pics and Severio Fails

That's It!

Here are the RULES

NO PERSONAL ATTACKS OR DISPARAGING REMARKS. Allegations of cheating will be deleted, and abusers of this forum will be kicked/banned

DO NOT REFERENCE OR CALL OUT PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT HERE, unless it is to say "If anyone knows SuchAndSuch, tell them GG!"

NO TROLLING OR HARRASING OTHER MEMBERS. In order for this site to continue to work, we must all be respectful of each other. That's just how it is – we came here to have fun, enjoy the game and grow the community. I've allowed friendly trash-talk in the past, but some players will not appreciate it directed toward them. Be mindful of who you are talking to.

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DO NOT SHARE TENDENCIES/GEAR/STRATEGIES FOR SPECIFIC OPPONENTS Feel free to share within your own guild, or in whatever side convos you want to have, but please don't do it here.

DO NOT POST OBJECTIONABLE, ADULT OR OFFENSIVE CONTENT The Internet is full of other places for you to do that. It is not welcome here.


GGs Moderation Rules

Member Complaints

  1. A Member is free to "Block" any other Member at any time

  2. A Member is free to notify other Members of any content that they consider offensive

  3. A Member is free to notify any Moderator of content they consider offensive – Member Complaints can be shared in the Moderator Chat, but the Member's name will not be shared outside of the Moderation Team

  4. Moderators will respond to Member Complaints within 24 hours

Moderator Actions

  1. Moderators will review Member Complaint and the identified post

  2. Moderators will notify the Original Poster via DM that another Member has lodged a Complaint

2a. the Original Poster can delete their own comment

  1. At the Moderator's discretion, the post can be deleted, the Original Poster can be Muted or Kicked

  2. Issues can be escalated to Bobbaloo or Zevran by Moderators at any time

  3. Member bans are at the sole discretion of Bobbaloo.

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GGs Moderators


  1. Moderators will be active on the site – preferred daily activity

  2. Moderators wil respond to Member issues within 24 hours of a direct message

  3. Moderators are empowered to Mute or Kick based on their own judgment

  4. Moderators are empowered to delete messages and warn Members based on their own judgment

  5. Moderators can escalate issues to Bobbaloo or Zevran at any time


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