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Differentiation in allocation of gods (lore-based / -friendly)


She is the goddess of beauty and the lady of love in spiritual and physical terms. People shall praise beauty in general and strive for praising it on and on. Carnal pleasures shall be shared with one another out of (spiritual) love, benevolence or compassion. The faithful of Dibella never restrict their love and devotion to a single significant other but share their love.

Priestesses of Dibella are well trained in the fine arts. They are sophisticated storytellers, talented musicians, lascivious tutors in sexual seduction and respected advisors and mediators in family and moral issues. Their vestment should reflect this and be fashionable and somewhat revealing without looking vulgar.

Summary: If you want a temple full of wanton brainless sluts and whores in ordinary skimpy clothing, Dibella is not the right goddess for you. If you are looking for amorous adventures with beautiful and sensual partners or even the charming and (mostly) ravishing beauties in the temple, you hit the mark.


She is the goddess of love in more spiritual than physical terms. So compassion and mutual understanding are encouraged by her faithful. Her domain is true love and a singular marriage.

Summary: Quite similar to Dibella – without the sex and the dressing part, but much more spiritual or romantic love.

Molag Bal

He is the Daedric Prince of domination, enslavement, rape and brutality. Love is futile. Personal pleasure is the one and only way of life regardless of the consequences for other beings. Whatever is needed to please the own desire shall be done with all might. People shall enforce their will and overcome rules that hinder them and restrict their power over weaker mortals. Therefore his faithful are generally considered immoral to the bone, selfish and cruel.

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Summary: Molag Bal is the perfect choice for born rapists, sadists without scruples and the like. Some people claim that each rape is a silent prayer to Molag Bal.


He is the Daedric Prince of revelry and debauchery. He places straightforward sex and pleasure over love, benevolence and compassion. He looks on the performers of sexual acts with approval and satisfaction. Life shall be joyous and feasts shall be excessive. Regret comes all to soon. Thereby sex and other hedonistic doings shall be enjoyed as long as possible – as long all participants act – most of the time – responsibly, reasonably and consensually (i.e. safe, sane and consensual). Nonetheless he acts quite selfish at times and puts unsuspecting people in danger for his own pleasure. Even though he is not considered as evil as other Daedra Princes. Due to his propensity and fondness for lewd matters, he is even venerated by certain individuals like drunkards, party-goers, whores and their clients.

Summary: Sanguine is the prime candidate if you are looking for a patron of whores and lewd people in general. He offers those who pray to him access to pleasure pockets or sub-realms of Oblivion. These are modeled on and by the fantasy of their respective inhabitants.

The Dibellan Bond – Polyamory and polygamy

Although you can marry in Skyrim, you cannot divorce and marry again or properly enjoy official polyamory (f.e. a menage a trois). Polygamy is entirely out of the question.

So an alternative to a wedding in the temple of Mara should be a bonding in the temple of Dibella. Persuade your favorite partners to become faithfuls of Dibella and start in a new life full of love-making and practicing the Dibellan arts. Beware that a blessing of Dibella is not generally accepted as the counterpart to a blessing of Mara. Whoever opts for a blessing of Dibella has to cope with snide remarks by some people.

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The preparations should be similar to a wedding. Talk with a priestess of Dibella along with your soon to be bonded lover, persuade the priestess of your devotion to Dibella and get your permission to unite in the name of Dibella. As Dibella encourages free and almost unconditional but consensual love-making, the gender of the partners is irrelevant.

Your bonding will take place the next morning after you got the permission. If you feel prepared, enter the temple, speak with a priestess and position yourself and your male or female partner(s) before the shrine. Upon the priestesses request exchange a chalice of blessed wine and swear your loyalty to your partner(s).

To retain her blessing (role play-wise) it is necessary to please all partners at least one time a week (pay attention to them/their needs, give them a present, have consensual sex with them, etc.). As soon as you forget this, you are reminded by a vision of Dibella. If you refuse obedience to Dibella and decline to fulfill your obligation, you are summoned to the temple of Dibella to explain yourself and atone for your sins. Until then your Speech is 80% less effective and your maximum stamina 80% lower.

The Dibellan Oath – Committing oneself to Dibella

Whoever wants to become a sacred prostitute (temple prostitute) has to swear the Dibellan Oath, which binds the faithful of Dibella with body and sold to their goddess. As long as they follow the Dibellan doctrine they are blessed by Dibella and are treated with respect. Once they stray from the right path, they lose the favor of their goddess.

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The Whore Oath – Committing oneself to Sanguine

Whoever wants to become a prostitute has to swear the Whore Oath, which binds newly made whores to their new profession and Sanguine. As long as they follow the Whore Doctrine they are blessed by Sanguine.

I found the above in a blog post on LL and I decided to post it here for more exposure. I'm not the original author. That being said, I do love all the concepts mentioned here. I'd like to place a request to someone skilled enough who can implement this (or at least most of this), especially the polygamy part. I know there are a couple of polygamy mods but none are quite up to the mark or work as expected.



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