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I started my ESO journey on July 7th of 2015. After multiple week long binges followed by year long breaks, I finally decided to become dedicated to the game in early July of 2019. I hit CP finally, did all of the quests in the game, made all three roles of toon, respec'd my main toon about 30 too many times, and eventually mastered the game (relatively), achieving a maximum DPS of 82,389.7 with my magblade, although ny gear choices could have easily added 5k to that (ask about that in the comments if you'd like for me to explain more.) I beat all of the trials on veteran; got Dro Mathra Destroyer and Flawless Conquerer as my two proudest achievements; was in a wonderful trial team, Sedated; had multiple sets of all of the BiS tank, healing, and DPS gear; knew every line of game dialogue, every word to each set boni, all of the enemy spawns, each skyshard location, everything- by heart; mastered every tree of crafting. Most importantly, I made countless friends, whom I will remember until the day I die.

Then I joined the military. I was told that after bootcamp, I would be able to use all of my free time at my job training school to play Xbox. Turns out, that freetime is just about never. There are other factors limiting me as well, but what's important is that it is nearly impossible to have an xbox currently, and if i did bring mine to school, I would be playing it with such infrequency that my character would be able to do nothing more than daily writs, if even those.

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Long story short, I must say a very solemn goodbye to The Elder Scrolls Online. I have never before played a game that has offered me as much as ESO, and I doubt I ever will. My schooling is two years long, and after that, not much is known. Hopefully ESO will still be alive and well after that time, and I wish more than anything that I will be able to play with you all again. For now, I'm restricted to simply keeping up with updates and following the subreddit, but I'll do my best to keep ESO in my life as much as possible. As for you all, I wish you all the best of luck, no matter if you're making your first character, or progging Godslayer. If any of you think my experience could help you out, feel free to message me any questions. I obviously won't be much help with the new stuff, but I'll try my best to advise on the basics of each role, or on any tricky bosses or puzzles.

Signed, Seith Wise, Dark Elf Magicka Nightblade, Member of The Legion of Lazygamers, The Savage Marauders, Sassy Assassins, Rising Fang Order, and Sedated.


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