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Guide on how to set up health/magicka/stamina bars that scale with how much you have of it on Special Edition

If you've browsed the nexus searched for that perfect hud, you might have come across Script for Customizable UI Replacer DS Theme for bar growth. A script that grows your stat bars according to how much you have, like how it works in dark souls.

I couldn't get this to work on SE for the longest time, because the stamina bar would always be in the wrong place. And since the horizontal bar positions are hard coded into the script, it's not possible to change using Less Intrusive Hud. But today I finally figured out which puzzle pieces go together to make it work. There's probably different ways to do this out there, but this at least works. So, here are the steps I took to make it work: (note: I'm using mo2)

  1. Install FileAcces Interface
  2. Install Less Intrusive HUD II
  3. Install Widget Mod not a hard requirement, adds some extra UI elements
  4. Install A matter of time again not a hard requirement
  5. Install version 1.2 of customizable Ui replacer for oldrim. This version of CUIR has stat bars that don't look bad when scaled up/down. Other versions may also technically work, haven't tried. Whatever version you pick, all bars need to have the same length by default or it wont work. Which means the latest version of the darksouls preset is a no go. I think version 5.0 might have an option for darksouls preset with even bars.
  6. Install script for customizable UI replacer DS theme for bar growth
  7. Replace the script of that mod with one of the scripts found in the zip on this patreon page. You don't need to be a patreon to get it. The difference between the scripts is the horizontal placement of the stat bars.The stat bars are going to have the same textures as in the picture on this page.
  8. Download and install customizable UI replacer for SE, less intrusive hud version, pick a preset you like but keep in mind it will have no effect on your stat bars. So judge from all the other elements.
  9. After going through the fomod and picking the preset you like, open the file location of SE version of CUIR and browse to sksepluginsFISS and copy AMOTUserSettings and WMUserSettings to that same file location in the 1.2 oldrim version of CUIR.Then, in the SE version, browse to interfaceexported and copy the folder. Browse to the same location in the 1.2 oldrim version and replace the exported folder in it with the one you just copied.
    Basically the point of this step is to copy the widgets and another time preset from the CUIR preset you chose.
  10. At this point you can remove the SE version of CUIR, you no longer need it.
  11. You're done. You'll might still need to change the position of some other elements to make them all fit together correctly, but it will work. Keep in mind that it's impossible to change the horizontal position of the stat bars. To do this you need a different version of the script from step 7.
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