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[Guide]Pan Elsweyr Event Guide – Elsweyr, Dragonguard Sanctum Daily Quests Guide

Hello friends!!

I have added a guide for the Pan Elsweyr Celebration Event at my site

What kind of rewards you can get, how many event tickets per day and where to find the Event related Daily Quests.

To participate in the Event you can accept the free "A Visit to Elsweyr" Event Quest from the Crown Store or simply teleport to the two zones and start completing activities.

Certain activities in the two Elsweyr zones will offer bonus rewards. To receive extra rewards during the event you can kill Dragons, kill Delve, Overworld, Public Dungeon and Sunspire Trial Bosses, harvest resources.

These activities as well as opening chests, safeboxes or Thieves Troves, Psijic portals, opening a Dragonguard Sanctum Supply Cache and looting enemies or items, also have a chance to reward you with an Elsweyr Coffer.

The Coffers can contain various rewards, like Motifs,zone sets' pieces, NEW Ja'zennji Siir Style Pages and more!!

The first time you complete a Daily Quest every day, in either of the two zones, you will also earn a Glorious Elsweyr Coffer. These contain the same rewards with the normal coffers but have a guaranteed drop of a Motif Chapter Style Page or a page for the new Ja'zennji Siir Style.

There are several Daily Quests you can get in the two zones.

In Northern Elsweyr you can accept quests from Ri'hir, Nisuzi and Battlereeve Tanerline. They are all located in the Capital Rimmen, South of the town's Wayshrine and you can accept their quests immediately after visiting the zone. There is no need to complete another task before.

You can find more info on Northern Elsweyr Daily Quests here:

In Southern Elsweyr you can accept quests from Guybert Flaubert and Bruccius Baenius in the Capital Senchal. They can be found South of the Town's Wayshrine. You can accept their quests immediately after visiting the zone.

You can also accept Daily quests from Dirge Truptor and Chizbari the Chipper in the Dragonguard Sanctum. The Sanctum is located on the Tideholm island, off the coast of Senchal and you have to unlock it first.

In order to unlock the Sanctum and get access to the two NPC Quest givers found there, you must complete the first two Quests of the Southern Elsweyr main Quest Line, "The Dragon's Lair" and "Reformation".

More info on how to Unlock and further upgrade the Dragonguard Sanctum can be found here:

You can also find more info on Southern Elsweyr Daily Quests in general here:

You can earn Two Event Tickets every Day. One for your first completed Daily Quest in Northern and Southern Elsweyr. Exchange those to the impresario for Unstable Morpholith base fragments, the first Fragment of the NEW Dagonic Quasigriff cool mount!!, Group Repair Kits and Ja'zennji Siir Style Pages!

Like always video format for those that prefer it here:

Have fun, enjoy the event and earn all the cool rewards!!


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