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Halp Me, I Has Modding Bug

Content of the article: "Halp Me, I Has Modding Bug"

Well, after i installed this and then this and found the two conflicted with another, I removed UNP, and got a feet bug ala this so idk how i can solve this issue.

Edit: Her is my modlist

+Storm's Rest Cottage

*DLC: Dawnguard

*DLC: Dragonborn

*DLC: HearthFires

*Unmanaged: 3DNPC

*Unmanaged: 3DNPC – AI Overhaul Patch

*Unmanaged: 3DNPC – CRF Patch

*Unmanaged: 3DNPC0

*Unmanaged: AI Overhaul

*Unmanaged: AllThievesGuildJobsConcurrently

*Unmanaged: Alternate Start – Live Another Life

*Unmanaged: Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim

*Unmanaged: Ars Metallica

*Unmanaged: Atlas Legendary

*Unmanaged: BBLuxurySuite

*Unmanaged: BBLuxurySuiteENM

*Unmanaged: BGSMerpsGondorianArmament

*Unmanaged: BorderSense

*Unmanaged: BugfixCompilation

*Unmanaged: Campfire

*Unmanaged: Cloaks

*Unmanaged: Cloaks – Dawnguard

*Unmanaged: Cloaks – USSEP Patch

*Unmanaged: Cutting Room Floor

*Unmanaged: dark face fix

*Unmanaged: DSerArcheryGameplayOverhaul

*Unmanaged: Ecotone Dual Sheath

*Unmanaged: Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch

*Unmanaged: Eli_Halla

*Unmanaged: FNIS

*Unmanaged: GondorianRangerArmor

*Unmanaged: Guard Dialogue Overhaul

*Unmanaged: Hunterborn

*Unmanaged: Hunterborn – Campfire Patch

*Unmanaged: Hunterborn – Leather Tanning

*Unmanaged: Hunterborn – Soups and Stews

*Unmanaged: hunterscarvedarsenal

*Unmanaged: IcePenguinWorldMap

*Unmanaged: Immersive Sounds – Compendium

*Unmanaged: Imperious – Races of Skyrim

*Unmanaged: InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack

*Unmanaged: isilNarsil

*Unmanaged: KS Hairdo's

*Unmanaged: LCSolitudeHouse

*Unmanaged: More Dialogue Options

*Unmanaged: More Interesting Loot Remastered

*Unmanaged: New Imperial Blade

*Unmanaged: NineDivinesRenewal – ENG

*Unmanaged: Nordic Wanderer

*Unmanaged: nordicrangerarmor

*Unmanaged: Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

*Unmanaged: PAN_NPCs

*Unmanaged: PAN_NPCs CuttingRoomFloor PATCH

*Unmanaged: PC Head Tracking – MCM

*Unmanaged: PC Head Tracking – Patch

*Unmanaged: PerkPoints

*Unmanaged: PumpingIron

*Unmanaged: RaceMenu

*Unmanaged: RaceMenuPlugin

*Unmanaged: RDO – CRF + USSEP Patch

*Unmanaged: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

*Unmanaged: reman

*Unmanaged: ScandinavianSeasons

Read:  camera stuck in floor

*Unmanaged: Skyrim Fixes Collection

*Unmanaged: SkyUI_SE

*Unmanaged: SoundsofSkyrimComplete

*Unmanaged: UIExtensions

*Unmanaged: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

*Unmanaged: Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes

*Unmanaged: XPMSE


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