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A lot smaller of notes, than last patch. The biggest changes to worry about all major and minor buff changes. Following that we have some strange frost staff changes that surely haven't seen their final evolution yet. Class wise seemed to hit interesting point… where templar can be kicked out of top dogs, while warden is supreme healer class still. What comes next to Warden is fair to say any class could work for different reasons. Now not much for sets, but it's interesting enough. Lastly some new ways to reach pen cap. Consider poisons over enchants next patch to help your allies.



Red Eagle’s Fury

2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage

3 – Adds 833 Critical Chance

4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage

5 – Adds 469 Weapon and Spell Power to your Weapon Skill abilities. Increases the cost of your non-Weapon Skill abilities by 5%.

Thoughts: for higher in pvp content. Also a nice hybrid set for warden stamina healers.

2 – Adds 877 Maximum Magicka (Perfected Only)

2 – Casting Force Siphon on a target within 15 meters of you causes a surge of magical energy to tether between you for 10 seconds. While the tether persists and you remain in range, you and group members in the tether restore 175 Magicka and Stamina every 1 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Thoughts: Do they know elemental drain is still ranged? Also now healers never have to worry about fake tanks again…. with physical and spell debuff on resistances with one skill. Still in cases… where you got the bar space and another healer then this works.

Draugr’s Rest: This set now has a friendly telegraph to denote its Area of Effect.

Healer’s Habit: This set now grants an additional 5% Healing Done when wearing 5 pieces.

Shalk Exoskeleton: Increased the Spell Damage this set grants on its 5-piece to 171, up from 129.

Thoughts: nice adjustments…. I almost forgot about healer habit.

The following sets now grant their Major buff for 1 second for every 10 Ultimate spent, rather than every 14.

Automated Defense

Inventor’s Guard

Master Architect

War Machine

Thoughts: They know…. that set was behind before right? Roaring Oppurnist just looks far better now?

Healing Mage:

This set now applies Minor Cowardice to enemies hit for 5 seconds, rather than reducing their Weapon and Spell Damage by a unique amount.

Added a 3 second cooldown to the set.

Thoughts: It was buffed back to standard… but now there's a posion that does exact same thing….

Kyne’s Wind: Increased the resources granted per tick from this set to 420, up from 399.

Thoughts: For non stamina 100 percent groups this is way to go, especially with another staff to help with sustain of allies.

Lady Thorn:

Sanguine Burst’s Major Maim now lasts 8 seconds, up from 5.

Reduced the cooldown per target to 20 seconds, down from 30.

Thoughts: This skill beats xD ultimates… guess it's only fair with earthgore vs negate.


This set now applies Major Cowardice to enemies rather than a unique debuff, to prevent situations where you could reduce a target’s Weapon and Spell Damage to 0, causing them to deal no damage.

Increased the duration to 8 seconds, up from 5.

Increased cooldown from this set to 16 seconds, up from 15.

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Mender’s Ward: Increased the duration of Major Vitality granted from this set to 4 seconds, up from 2

Master resto finally has it's partner, though they silly to think this will move healers from elemental drain when it's free to apply and range applicated compared to alternatives it falls short. Still It's a start on getting this fallen skill into favor. Next, they technically buffed healing mage aka mending back again…. which might be important with all defensive nerfs. Then you got kyne's in a good spot for sustain. (Yes the numbers add up now against hollowfang and worm).

Minor Expedition: Increased to 15%, up from 10%.

Major Savagery and Prophecy: Increased to 12%, up from 10%.

Minor Breach: Increased to 2974, up from 1320.

Major Breach:

Increased to 5948, up from 5280.

Major Breach now affects both Physical and Spell Resistance equally.

Minor and Major Fracture: Yeeted from this plane of existence to embrace its missing other half, Minor and Major Ward.

Minor Resolve: Increased to 2974, up from 1320.

Major Resolve: Increased to 5948, up from 5280.

Minor Fortitude/Endurance/Intellect: Increased to 20%, up from 10%

Major Fortitude/Endurance/Intellect: Increased to 40%, up from 20%.

Minor Defile: Decreased to 8%, down from 15%.

Major Defile: Decreased to 16%, down from 30%.

Major Mending: Decreased to 16%, down from 25%.

Major Vitality: Decreased to 16%, down from 30%.

Major Evasion: Decreased to 20%, down from 25%

Minor Berserk: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%.

Major Berserk: Decreased to 10%, down from 25%.

Minor Protection: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%.

Major Protection: Decreased to 10%, down from 30%.

Minor Maim: Decreased to 5%, down from 15%.

Major Maim: Decreased to 10%, down from 25%.

Minor Vulnerability: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%.

Major Vulnerability: Decreased to 10%, down from 25%.

Minor Magickasteal: Decreased to 168 per hit, down from 300.

Major Aegis and Slayer:

Decreased to 10%, down from 15%.

Fixed an issue where Aegis was additive rather than multiplicative.

Minor Courage: Increased to 215, up from 129.

Major Courage: Increased to 430, up from 258.

Major Force: Increased to 20%, up from 15%.

Minor Brittle: Increases the target’s Critical Damage taken by 10%

Major Brittle: Increases the target’s Critical Damage taken by 20%. Not yet sourced.

Minor Cowardice: This debuff has been reworked, and now reduces the target’s Weapon and Spell Damage by 215, rather than increasing their Ultimate cost abilities by 60%.

Major Cowardice: Reduces a target’s Weapon and Spell Damage by 430.


This buff now applies to all Light, Medium, and Heavy Attacks for its duration, and is no longer consumed on use.

The following sources of Empower now last 3 seconds, down from 5 to reflect the change that Empower is no longer consumed:

Aegis of Galenwae

Might of the Guild

Empowering Grip

Wrecking Blow


Okay lets start this off by saying Wardens really got buffs as healers, and templars got kicked off the top. So now they will give 20 percent stamina and and magicka regain buffs as healers, lets now forget a great proc minor brittle. There's also buffed frost cloak that might be important with all defensive ultimate nerfs.So horn is buffed while defensive ultimate options are nerfed. I look forward to more people using barrier as my pitiful sorc had trashy negate as it's healing defensive ultimate that does nothing….. Lastly seems like a push for us to not use elemtal drain…. but range penetration debuff for spell and physical means enjoy lack of bar space (especially sorcs).

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Grave Lord

Blastbones: Made some improvements to the cooldown duration of this ability, to reduce the chances of it becoming locked out despite the skeleton dying.

Frozen Colossus:

Removed this Ultimate and the morphs’ Major Vulnerability invulnerability.

Increased the duration of Major Vulnerability applied from these to 12 seconds per hit, up from 8. This will increase the total duration to 15 seconds per cast.

Thoughts: hmm, not bad as it just means need less necros in group, though I remind you about 20 sec cooldown still exists for this skill.


Path of Darkness

Refreshing Path (morph): Fixed an issue where the visuals from this ability’s heal could last much longer than intended.

Soul Shred

Soul Siphon (morph): Fixed an issue where this Ultimate could aggro enemies, despite dealing no damage.

Thoughts: I wonder how they figured out this one.

Drain Power

Power Extraction (morph):

This morph now applies Minor Cowardice to enemies hit, rather than reducing their Weapon and Spell Damage by a unique amount. This will result in a larger decrease in Weapon and Spell Damage, but one that cannot be stacked with other sources.

Reduced the base duration by 1 second, but the ability now ranks up in duration of this by 1 second per rank, up to 10 seconds.

Thoughts: Nice with defensive reductions, but they lose only circle size class heal.

Spear Shards: Fixed an issue where the synergy from this ability could remove other synergies after being consumed.

Thoughts: This is just … but cheers on fixing it.

Restoring Light

Healing Ritual

Ritual of Rebirth (morph): Fixed an issue where this heal was targeting the ally furthest from you within its range, rather than prioritizing allies who need the heal.

Thoughts: How is not a standard somewhere? They had to fix a lot of heals not going to lowest health ally more then once on a skill.


Subterranean Assault (morph):

This morph no longer applies Fracture, as Deep Fissure now affects all Armor.

This ability now recasts itself after completing, once per cast.

Thoughts: AOE Breech… I am taking my warden everywhere next patch.


Trapping Webs: Fixed numerous visual issues with this ability and its morphs.

Thoughts: Interesting bug for those using it to add an extra synergy.

Champion System

Reduced the Weapon and Spell Critical Chance granted from Perfect Strike and Spell Precision to 3% each, down from 9%.

Thoughts: Hmm… critical might actually be important. This gives you option of shadow or thief as mundus. You won't need atro with potion buffs.


Destruction Staff

Frost Staves have received adjustments to help them further stand out as a Tank and Support-oriented weapon type! Check out each ability adjusted to see what’s changed with the Frost version of the ability. Developer Comment:


Applying Chilled while actively holding a Frost Staff now applies Minor Brittle in addition to its other effects. Note that the Staff must be on your active bar when Chilled is applied for this to proc.

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Destruction Expert: This passive now also grants 900/1800 Magicka whenever you absorb damage with a Frost Staff damage shield. This new effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Destructive Touch: Fixed an issue where this ability and the Destructive Clench morph would aggro enemies before dealing damage.

Destructive Clench (morph): The Frost version of this morph now taunts enemies for 15 seconds.

Impulse: Each elemental type of this ability and its morphs have gained new functionality.

Flame Impulse now deals bonus damage that scales based on missing health if the target hit was burning.

Frost Impulse now applies Minor Protection to up to 6 group members for 6 seconds.

Shock Impulse now deals 5% more damage for each enemy hit, up to 30%.


This passive no longer causes your Heavy Attacks with a Frost Staff to taunt the enemy.

Increased the strength of the Damage Shield granted from Heavy Attacking with a Frost Staff to 12.5/25% of your Max Health, up from 4/8%.

Wall of Elements:

The Frost version of this ability now applies a Damage Shield to you and 5 nearby group members that absorbs projectiles, but no longer snares enemies and deals 25% less damage than the other elemental version.

Fixed an issue where the Shock version of this ability and its morphs was not capped at hitting 6 targets, despite having auxiliary debuffs.

Elemental Blockade (morph): The Frost version of this morph now also applies an additional, smaller shield on you and group members in the area when it ends.

Thoughts: I reserve judgement on this till final variation of it. Still I can see healers using it or tanks. Either tanks or healers proc off balance… or minor brittle.


Potions and Poisons that once applied Minor Fracture or Breach have been made into unique bonuses. These values remain at -1320 and -5280.

Thoughts: They missed minor cowardice … I guess it's innovative. Some interesting breach poisons that I have stored for this day. This will give you options for future on how you reach pen cap for group. Consider poisons over enchants next patch to help your allies.


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