The Elder Scrolls

Hear, Slavefolk!

Hear, freefolk!

For of the twelve, you were the first!

For man and mer were too once slaves to the selfish Ada!

For it was your honored ancestors that escaped the grasp of those greater, to dictate your own paths and so too your own selves!

And hear, dragons in the north! For you should've shared the fate of mine people were it not for your striving for freedom!

And hear, Y'ffre his people, for you are those who in adapting to this limiting world, sacrificed the least of your freedom!

And hear, da'dra, for you are the epitome of the freedom we the worldly should look to once again attain, those who truly understand the meaning of self!

Hear, moonborn!

For why is it that the moon and star defines what it is that constitutes you?

For that which would otherwise be your innate ability and right was appropriated by the same demons who once held you captive when you were no more than a notion!

Nay, for it was your ancestors who willingly sold their freedom that was conquered through bloodshed for the sake of their own short sighted benefit!

Hear, egglings!

For we share your plight in our indebtedness to those whom you owe nothing to!

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For of the twelve, you were the third, inevitably subjugated to those who came before you!

For to you was never given the possibility to be what you would, stripped from you by the second of them, not out of goodwill, but out of need for a people to wallow in their wretched swamps, knowingly bound yet unknowingly unbound!

Hear, slavefolk!

For you are my people, whom I feel nothing but compassion for in my mission to make you understand what has been taken from you!

For the benefactor's myth keeps you ignorantly subservient to those who do not feel any form of loyalty toward you!

I have known the feeling of cold iron upon my wrists, and i too once felt the ecstatic yet misguided false freedom that you wallow yourselves in.

But i have experienced what is beyond the shallow pond of existence that you are willing to live to your deaths in, i have discussed the ephemerality of life with those who'd wished to be immortal and the irrelevancy of time with those who were, and i understood that what i am is not what I would have liked to be, but what i have been made to be. Such is the tragedy that summarizes our experience as the slavefolk.

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For it is senseless to me, as it should be to you, that my people have toiled away in dunmeri fields even as the dragons were cast out and the heartlanders rose up to defend their selves!

We have been taught from our both to serve those who once served us, fed the lies of self-serving demons who only saw in us tools. Slavery is natural to us to this extent.

I propose then, that it shan't any more!

So rise, moonborn! Rise, hist-children!

Rise against the lie that precedes your history, made for your keeping loyalty and servitude!

Like Ysgramor's dov-kin before you, withdraw from your false reality!

Cast down dawn and dusk!

Burn down all the trees of Nirn!

Lest you be left to blissfully wallow in subjugation for the next thousand years!


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