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Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Need Extra Beds to Work?

Content of the article: "Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Need Extra Beds to Work?"

Hi! I'm using the Hearthfire Multiple Adoption Mod for SSE together with RS Children + Axe's RSC, Princess and Pauper SE, and Improved Adoptions. Everything has been going great for the longest time: the kids all look different from each other due to RSC + Axe's RSC; there is variety of outfits for kids too due to Princess and Pauper; and Improved adoptions has provided Last Names to my kids and they accompany me when we're moving from one home to another (so I took it as proof that the mods all worked, yey). I adopted my second kid right after I installed Improved Adoptions as per the mod author's instruction (this was way back), and I've never had issues until now. I just now decided to adopt my third kid and I noticed that no adoption dialogue is available for any orphan anymore in the game. Even in the Honorhall Orphanage, Constance (the girl who runs it) only says one dialogue — "Congratulations. I hope you'll be happy…" something something. I checked with another kid in Dawnstar, and still no adoption dialogue. Upon checking mod pages, I just realized that there was a note from the Hearthfire mod stating that it is incompatible with Prince and Pauper, even with a patch present. However, even after disabling the Prince and Pauper mod, the adoption dialogue option is still not available to any orphan.

Due to this, I'm now not sure if the reason I can't adopt new kids is an incompatibility issue or is it just that the Hearthfire Multi Adoption mod requires multiple beds in homes to work? The answers I gather from old forums/comments are somewhat mixed, some say the Hearthfire mod should work even without addtl beds, some say it won't work at all. By the way, I have two fully-furnished vanilla homes – Breezehome in Whiterun and Proudspire Manor in Solitude. I thought the Multi Adoption mod would make me have two kids in Whiterun, two kids in Solitude, and another two in wherever (although I really like the idea of having all of them in one huge home) but as previously mentioned, no adoption dialogue is present, even if I move one kid to another home to make a free bed to each home. There is a work-around presented by the Hearthfire Multi Adoption author regarding the inability to adopt 3+ kids but it involves console commands, and as such, I would like to confirm the issue first before using said console commands just in case I only really needed more children beds. If that is the case, can you guys also recommend good home overhauls for vanilla homes? I've checked the compatible Hearthfire homes but most of the links are dead now. I also have JK's Skyrim All-in-One, I just pointed it out just in case it's vital.

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I apologize that this ended up being so long and I thank anyone who'd take the time to read it and anyone that may be able to help! Have a great day everyone!


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