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Helgen Reborn glitch

I'm up to the point in HR where I have to negotiate my way into the keep, but the dude at the entrance just wont say anything other than generic stuff. I may have accidentally started the quest before I was supposed too, but I didn't go anywhere near Helgen, so that shouldn't be a problem I think? Anyways, a way to fix this would be greatly appreciated, TIA

Also, because the sub requires it, my mod list, and i know its a bit messy idc.

  1. Winterhold Restored (BSA)
  2. Winter Is Coming SSE Cloaks
  3. WillyBacks Aeldsten
  4. Viking Towns of Skyrim 1.1
  5. VIGILANT SE v162
  6. Unoffical skyrim Special Edition Patch
  7. Ultimate Combat SE
  8. Travellers of Skyrim Vanilla v142a
  9. The Udercity SSE 1.1
  10. The Tools of Kagrenac V1.59 SSE
  11. The Paarthurnax Dilemma
  12. The Notice Board
  13. The Great Town of Shor's Stone 1.04
  14. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
  15. Thanedom of Wynstead
  16. Thandeom Of Valdnhold
  17. Thanedom Of Nightgate
  18. Thanedom of Kathwasten
  19. Thanedom Assets
  20. Tes Arena Skyrim Frontier Fortress Installer 6.01
  21. Sunthgat
  22. Stonecrest Reborn SE
  23. Sounds of Skyrim-The Wilds SE
  24. Solsthiem Trading Posts 1.0
  25. Solitude Expansion 2.66
  26. Solitude Expansion Navmesh Fix
  27. Slower Markarth Assasination
  28. SkyUUI 5.2 SE
  29. SkyUI SE Flashing Savegames Fix
  30. SkyTEST Beasts of Tamriel
  31. SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators v1.65.02
  32. Skyrim Underground esm
  33. Skyrim Is Windy
  34. SKY CITY
  35. Skaal Kid Coat
  36. Run For Your Lives
  37. Rorikstead Village Overhaul
  38. Riverwood Market SSE
  39. Riverwood Keep SE
  40. RiftenExtSouthwoods
  41. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Final
  42. Reich Corigate
  43. Ravenscar Village
  44. Quaint Raven Rock NAVM Optimized Patch
  45. Quaint Raven Rock USSEP Patch
  46. Quaint Raven Rock
  47. Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary
  48. Populated Cities Towns Villages SE BSA
  49. PiratesNorthSSE V417
  50. Overstead SE 1.1
  51. Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch
  52. Ordianator 9.31.0
  53. Old Granitehall
  54. OBIS SE Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition
  55. OBIS SE NoticeBoard Addon
  56. Oars Rest
  57. NorthernTownSSE V3 27 04 20
  58. NetScriptFramework SkyrimSE v18
  59. Mortal Overhaul 2 1.0
  60. MorrowLoot Ultimate Lore Weapon Expansion LOTD Version
  61. MorrowLoot Ultimate MLU Immersive Armors
  62. MorrowLoot Ultimate
  63. More Populated Markarth
  64. More Informative Console 0.43
  65. More Bandit Camps SE
  66. Moon and Star
  67. MLU Community Patches MLUC Beyond Skyrim Bruma Loot Cap
  68. Midwood Isle SE no quest requirement patch
  69. Midwood Isle SE HEAVY
  70. Markarth Help the Warrens and A Cure for Cairine SE
  71. Lore Weapon Expansion
  72. Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches Offical
  73. Legacy of the Dragonborn Bruma Synergy Patch
  74. Legacy of the Dragonborn
  75. LC Citadel
  76. LC Feudal Keep
  77. Land of Vominheim ESM
  78. Katos Falkreath
  79. Interesting NPCs SE Winderhold Mods Compatibility
  80. Interesting NPCs SE BSAs
  81. Interesting NPCs SE Alternative Locations Flagged ESL
  82. Immersive NPCs SE Alternative Locations Flagged ESL
  83. Immersive World Encounters SE
  84. Immersive Sounds Compendium SE
  85. Immersive Patrols SE
  86. Immersive College of Winterhold SE
  87. Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul
  88. Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE
  89. Hroldan Village
  90. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Pinemoon Village
  91. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Mixwater Village
  92. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Heartwood Village
  93. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Half Moon Village
  94. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Village
  95. Hrodlan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages- Village
  96. Holds The City Overhaul- Holds SSE Moduler 0.0.9
  97. Helgen Reborn BSA
  98. Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions and Custom Home Support SE
  99. Hammet Dungeon Packs ESP
  100. Hamlets of Winterhold
  101. Haafingar Expanded
  102. Granite Hill
  103. Gildergreen Regrown
  104. Gavrostead SE 1.3.1
  105. Gavrostead SE-Gavrotead Granite Hill Addon Patch
  106. Fuz Ro Do'h
  107. Fully Flying Dragons SE 6.2
  108. Frostfield-Loreuis farm Settlement SSE 1.4
  109. Forgotten Dungeons SSE
  110. FNIS
  111. Fleetford SSE
  112. Fish in The Foundain
  113. Falskaar
  114. Falskaar Addons and patches 1.6
  115. Enhanced Dragon Bridge Regular
  116. Enhanced Solitude Expansion SSE
  117. Enhanced Solitude
  118. Elvenwood
  119. Ebonvale 2.9a SSE
  120. EasierRiders Dungeon Pack SSE v1.5
  121. Drunk Sinking Head Idle Fix SE
  122. Dragonborn Village Expanded East Side
  123. Depths of Skyrim
  124. Dawnstar Overhaul
  125. Darkwater Crossing Town
  126. Dark's Orc Stronghold
  127. Carved Brink
  128. Capital Windhelm Expansion Normal
  129. Capital Whiterun Expansion Whiterun valley Compatibility Patch
  130. Capital Whitrerun Expansion 1.3 Exterior Compatibility Version
  131. Campfire Camping Sytem 1.11
  132. Bug Fixes SSE v3
  133. BlackThorn Buildable Town
  134. Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch
  135. Beyond Skyrim-Bruma
  136. Beyond Skyrim-Assets
  137. Beyond Reach-Tweaks and Enhancements
  138. Better Tel Mithryn
  139. BecomeJarlofIvarstead 1.3.1 English
  140. BecomeJarlofIvarstead 1.3 Desutch
  141. Beasts of Tamriel 5.2.1
  142. Bandit Encounters
  143. Artifacts of Skyrim- Revised Edition-Legacy of The Dragonborn Patch
  144. Artifacts of Skyrim- Revised Edition
  145. Apocalypse 9.45.0
  146. Apocalypse Ordinator Compatibility Patch
  147. Angas Mill Village
  148. Amber Guard Expanded
  149. Alternate Start-Live Another Life
  150. Address Library for SKSE Plugins all in one SE
  151. Achievment Mods Enabler SE
  152. SSE Engine Fixes 1.5.97
  153. Apoapses Renamed Forgotten Dungeons
  154. Dragon Stalking Fix
  155. Scrambled Bugs
  156. Power of Threes Tweaks
  157. Actor Limit Fix


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