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Help: Crashing when loading any save I have (at an absolute loss)

So I have a massive (potentially playthrough ending) problem with crashing at the loading screen when I load any kind of save.

When I load my most recent save, it shows the loading screen for a split second, then crashes to the desktop.

When I load any other save, it shows the loading screen for the normal amount of time (in non-crash occasions: for about 20-30 seconds and the loading screen text changes twice), then crashes to the desktop.

I'm unable to figure out the problem. Prior to the crashes, I had only added in animation and textures mods, and I don't think they should affect it so much as to make my saves totally unloadable.

I newly installed Lowered Hands, First Person Combat Animations Overhaul, zxlice HitStop, Flinching by NickaNak, and the onHit Framework.

I thought the crash might have to be with the animations because of Skyrim's animation limit, but nothing changed when I uninstalled these mods and reran Nemesis again and again (I only have about 8000 animations total). Nothing works.

The NetScriptFramework crash logs (seen down below) aren't any help unfortunately (though they'd been very useful in the past). The log for the most recent save shows no "Possible Relevant Objects" at all. The other logs for the other saves don't seem to show any kind of relevance to the issue at hand.

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I think it might be an issue with my character in general as none of my current character's saves are able to be loaded, yet I am able to "coc" to a location or start a new game with no problems at all.

That's basically everything that I've been able to gather from this mind-numbingly and anger/despair-inducing situation.

Unless I am able to fix this, this is pretty much the end of my character. At least I'll finally get to that non-Dragonborn, guard and Civil War soldier playthrough I've always wanted to do.

(Sorry for the long post, just wanted to squeeze as much detail as possible.)


Most recent save's NetScriptFramework crash log

2nd location save's log

3rd location save's log


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