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Help familiar faces (face issue) in SSE

Content of the article: "Help familiar faces (face issue) in SSE"

So I downloaded a the familiar faces mod that was ported to se. Liked the the idea so went ahead to download it. I currently have no problems with the mod so far. The issue is that the face when I use another save. You see the player I used in the other save uses a preset, I modified the preset a little bit then save it on one of the slots. When I now go to the other save to import the character from another save, the face became vanilla female face. It wasnt like the face I use from another save. So I went a little further and experimented. I applied the original preset to my other save with no modifications and then exported it again. Went to the other save again to check on it. When I checked on it, it seems perfectly fine, the face is even the right face this time not like a strong nordic woman would look like. Went to another save to experiment a bit. This I only changed the weight and nothing more and went back again to another save to check. When I checked the face was vanilla woman face again and I just changed the the weight. So what I did was made a new preset along with the hair,brows,eyes and weight im using, thinking I would bypass it this time since It seems only works on pure presets. Saved my preset and exported it again to hall. Went to my another save to check and I was greeted again by the same ugly face. At this point I dont longer what to do but maybe you guys cant help me this.

  1. Im thinking of using a static hair this time. The original preset does not use smp hair so maybe this is what causes the face to revert.
  2. One thing I notice is that the hair, brows and eyes show up but not the SCULPTURE of the face of preset I want. The sculpture reverts to the vanilla faces rather than the preset face.
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if there is no hope I might have to make my character as a follower instead in which I DO NOT want to do since it will just send me to another rabbit hole which I do not want to happen. I hope my problem can be fixed.

Thanks in advance!


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