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Help. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Hey, so pretty new to eso (2 weeks in) and new to mmo. I have played Skyrim and loved it, which lead me to eso. I didn’t realize when I started playing that a lot of people assign (most) attribute points to one category? so I was splitting them between health/stam/magicka pretty evenly. I’ve got 23/17/24 mag-health-stamina split now, and I’m not sure that’s really working well for me.

I’m at CP 100 and I just feel like my attacks as a Nord Warden as built don’t do enough, and I’m guessing after reading a bit that what I chose/how I spent attribute points is a big reason for that.

I like my character, and have favorite skills on my bar for sure. My eternal guardian, dizzying swing (uppercut) with my two handed weapons (stamina) and cutting dive (stamina) are the skills I rely on most when fighting-but I also rely on polar wind to heal myself (magicka). Would I need to lose the power to take advantage of polar wind to effectively heal if I dumped all or most my attribute points into one category like stamina? Do I really need to do that to be “good” in this game? Would I just effing die with nothing or very little in health?

As far as gear, I farm Auridon and Alkir dolmens once a day and quest a lot, so I add glyphs when I get them to my armor/weapons as much as I can when it makes sense to do so, and wear rings etc that add to stamina etc. But it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Any advice on how to rebuild or what to do is appreciated. As said, I’m very new and just want to be effective when fighting.

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Also, what’s the deal with Champion Points? How should I assign those? I have zero idea what to do or how to assign them.

Thanks again.


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