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Help me roleplay through my huge modded playthrough! (Long)

Content of the article: "Help me roleplay through my huge modded playthrough! (Long)"

I've played Skyrim on and off since release, across multiple consoles, but this character I've grown attached to the most, and have stuck with the longest, currently at level 40 with much much more to do. I want to try and 100% complete the game, finish up all the Steam trophies, and fill up the Legacy of the Dragonborn museum. So! I need some advice, I want to do this in a way that would make as much sense as possible for my character, although I know it might not be totally seamless in a way that you could write this character's playthrough as a fanfiction skyrim story, if that makes sense? I basically want advice as to what order I should do my next quests, both modded and vanilla

Here is the character backstory:

Her name is Nerussa Eadrin, a teenage Dunmer girl, worshipper of Azura and Nocturnal, the adoptive younger sister of Karliah of the Thieve's Guild; having been born raised in Riften as an orphan in Honorhall Orphanage and taken as an apprentice by Karliah. Nerussa had been only a petty thief by the time Karliah had disappeared, with Mercer having told the guild a story her betrayal and Gallus' murder, a lie which Nerussa had never truly believed. She devoted her life to rising the ranks of the guild to uncover the secrets of her sister's disappearence…

Now, here's the progress I've made with this character so far.

Thieve's Guild (Completed 100%) – Nerussa reunites with Karliah, they work to defeat Mercer, she becomes a Nightingale Ranger, most talented in archery, and sneak. Also becomes Guild Master and restores the guild back to its full reputation across Skyrim.

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Thane of Riften – After becoming Guild Master and making a name for herself in the crime underworld of Skyrim, Maven Black Briar helps Nerussa secure a place in Riften's royal court, as well as official property, Honeyside.

Thane of Falkreath – Jarl Siddgeir catches wind of Nerussa's questionable reputation in Riften and asks for her talents in helping him out of his bandit dealings, she helps him, which secures her a place in his court as well.

Dragonborn Gallery – (Incomplete, 550 Relics in) Nerussa hears of a museum opening in Solitude, and chooses to invest in it, as well as rent out some of her relics and riches aquired across her travels with Auryen, the museum curator. The two bond, becoming close friends and business partners. Nerussa begin's to care for the museum and Auryen just as much as her guild. She leaves Brynolf to manage the Guild while She and Karliah form a party (Inigo and Lucien) to adventure throughout Skyrim and aquire relics to build up the Museum, as well as grow Nerussa's power and reputation within Skyrim.

My current goals are power, money, and relics. currently going for Thane of all holds for Nerussa to have the most crime-world influence and potential. But for each quest I want to have story behind so that Nerussa's involvment in them make sense, so how should I do that? Nerussa is a sort of true neutral alignment, does not enjoy murdering innocents, but can be ruthless. A good friend, but crimelord. Takes in and cares for orphans. (has six adoptive "daughters," but more like adoptive sisters such as Karliah did with her.)

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Here are the major quests/guilds I have left, what order should I do them in, and what would be Nerussa's reasoning for doing them? I'd love your input on some, or all of them!

Companions – (Thinking she would just infiltrate it under an ailas for relics? Will immediately cure herself of lycanthropy.) Dark Brotherhood – (I have the Dark Brotherhood for the Good Guys mod so hopefully that helps) College of Winterhold – (Learn magic?) Civil War – (Thinking of doing Imperials for the sake of her wanting to keep Solitude and the Museum safe) Bard's College – (Already done actually, convinced by Inigo to enroll) Dawnguard – (Siding with the Dawnguard.) Main Questline – (I'd prefer this to come later) Dragonborn – (Maybe before or after main quest, not sure) Daedric Quests – (Azura's Star already fits well with her story) Dragon Priest Masks / Dragon Claws

Mod Quests

Moon and Star Artifacts – The Tournament of the Ten Bloods Clockwork The Forgotten City Vigilant (Probably my endgame quest, I'm not sure.) Unslaad Identity Crisis (Probably just gonna do this one whenever.) Darkend

If you actually read this far, I really appreciate it!


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