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HELP Modding Skyrim LE PC 2020 via Vortex

Content of the article: "HELP Modding Skyrim LE PC 2020 via Vortex"

First post ever, its a bit long so please bear with me. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read it.

Apologies in advance if my rookie experience with modding really shines through with something dumb

Firstly, my load order:

ive been modding qutie a while now but im no expert. I have 138 plugins active and i recenlty did a full clean re-install of my Skyrim LE for the 10th time or so and i STILL get CTD's and corrupt save files and crashes due to either corrupt NIF. Just to get it out of the way i have:

  1. installed all mods on a brand new clean save ( i use alternate start) after deleting and reinstalling skyrim folder completely
  2. Made sure all mod conflicts were solved (atleast what it brings up on Vortex), patched the game(i use real shelther) and generated CGO animations. Just a side note i use FPS limiter to lock the game to like 60fps. sorted via latest version of LOOT
  3. cleaned every single mod using TESV edit. sorted via LOOT(i sort every time i play)
  4. started a brand new game after doing all this! ive made sure not to install or remove any mods on this new save
  5. I know its late but i discovered wyrebash a little 2-3hrs into my save (my save is like maybe 4hrs long) and made a wyrebash patch. didnt seem to do much imo
  6. i have a Acer predator helios 2019 with i7 9750H @ 2.60GHz 16 GB ram GTX 1660ti . Ive just switched to pc after gaming on consoles for a long time so apologies in advance if i dont know something thats obvious or largely known(like maybe an issue with a driver or something that would go over my head etc)
  7. i did consult a modders begineer guide for Skyrim LE so i have required mods like USLEEP, skyrim supplemental patch etc (didnt install crash fixes or safety load. ive done so in the past but i dont think thats gonna solve the problem i wanna bring into context here)
  8. lastly im using SKSE memory patch i even kicked up the DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB to 1280 hoping to solve CTD issues but it didnt
  9. using a skyrim performance monitor my skyrim peaked at 2600mb (around) ram usage. i couldnt understand or interpet rest of the details on the application
  10. i did ATTEMPT to instal enb series but my game wouldnt even go to the bethesda logo even after tweaking enb local so i removed all enb files from directory and played w/o it.
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the most texture mods i use are SMIM + Noble Skyrim + Skyrim parallax project + enhanced UV tweaks + skyrim 2k textures light package + vivid landscapes. i know it sounds like a lot but when i bought my current gaming laptop (mentioned above) i was expecting it to pick up my heavily modded skyrim easily (ive literally played a same modded skyrim a laptop FAR WORSE though granted i didnt go HAM with the texture mods) but even with the SKSE memory patch i get crashes

yes i have A LOT of armor and weapon mods(like 10 armor and maybe 15 weapon) because i like the idea of modded weapons and loot.

the only thing at this point i think is making modding a nigthmare for me is because i still use vortex. but could it actaully make a diffrence to do a clean reinstall with MO2?

HERE's MY PROBLEM: crashes, corrupted saves, when i enter certain inns parts of the furniture or walls are blue/violet-ish, cant play my skyrim without having to revert to a clean save every now and then. Cant even play my skyrim 30/40mins TOPS without an issue/corruption/crash me ripping my hair out while googling solutions or ways to make skyrim stable

ive literally minimised all my mods(i originally had 180ish plug ins). if i go any more below what i am right ill probaly quit but i REALLY dont want to. its my first time getting back to skyrim since 2015(played on xbox 360 originally) so i really wanna solve these crash issues that make the game unplayable

now yes it does work. i do play it. but it crashes so much that its only a matter of time where im gonna hit a wall(i feel). when im inside a building i almost never get crashes. its usually outside(recently outside dawnstar when a dragon tried to spawn in)

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what ive gathered from google and forumns(in a nutshell) :-

have limited amount of mods

find culprit mod casuing crashes(i have mod incompatibilites according to TESV edit but i think its more of a "modded game too heavy for pc?" type issue. feel free to correct me on that

update/verify game drivers? verify game cache? does this magically solve all ctd's?

What i think :- im helpless. how do people have like 300 or even 600+ plug ins active and still run their game so well?! i realise im playing a heavily modded skyim but thats what i want to do despite all the problems. i could really use help in just stablising my game. how do you guys do it? im so dissapointed because i planned someday to play expansions like Bruma but i cant even get my base modded skyrim to run *sigh*

anyways, sorry for the long post but please feel free to share any tips to help stabilise my modded skyrim.

thanks 😀


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