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*Help needed* Sexlab animations just stand still naked, frozen and plays audio.

Hey guys I'm still fairly new to modding skyrim and I'm hoping someone here that's more experienced than me would be able to help me with a problem I'm having. That said let me start off by explaining the problem I'm having: For some reason any and all Sex Lab animations involving the player or other NPCs result in them moving into the general position, taking clothes off and then just standing there while it plays the audio but not the animations.

Now heres the key information and what I've already tried: I am using Mod Organizer 2 and Skyrim SE , all mods are the Skyrim SE Versions, I have FNIS working fine and have ran it, all the FNIS packs, Creatures, etc are installed, The FNIS Gender based animations and Arm fix patches are both ticked, I run Loots to sort, then Bodyslider do the batch build and then I Run FNIS every time I add, remove or otherwise alter a mod and then I start it up using SKSE through MO2 as normal. So far googling around with my limited knowledge and understanding I've deduced that one fix is to remove the Sexlab mods entirely and just reinstall them so that is what I have tried and while I was at it I removed and reinstalled any related mods including zazanimations, Devious devices, Sexlab Arousal, etc. just in case and doing that did not fix anything. I did just install a few more mods so I do not know if its possible one of those could cause it and I did not actually try any of the animations prior to installing those so not sure if it worked prior or not. I'm at the point of going through my mod list and disabling anything not immediately needed to try and see if another mod is the cause or not as I can not find a list of known conflicting mods to see if one of the ones I'm running is part of would be list. All that said does anyone know how I might fix this or anything I can try towards that means?

Thanks in advance!

here is some screen shots of my mod list with all the mods I am running in case it helps:

EDIT: Per your recommendations I tried the Cathedral optimizer and that resolved the 1 warning for Sex lab arousal in FNIS but it did not fix the human NPCs and player still just standing clipped inside one another in their idle animation naked. I also tried the Rebuild and Clean in the MCM again for sexlab but that still didn’t do anything.


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