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Help Please with Build Question?

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Not to be sexist and ageist, but I'm a grandmother, with a grandmother's reflexes. I play PVE for the stories, quests, crafting, guild trading and housing. When I've had a stressful day I enjoy picking flowers in Summerset before bedtime. I'm not interested in PVP or the harder end game content, really, as I don't actually like fighting all that much. I'm coming up on level 800 soon.

I'm a pet sorcerer that keeps the clannfear in my front bar, but hate the flappy wings of the matriarch so I don't have her slotted. Staff is a gold Vanus lightening staff. Gear is Necropotence and Mother's Sorrow. All gold, except two purple rings. (I golded the necklace for the divine gold dye achievement.) All divines. All points into Magicka. I don't recall the Mundus stone offhand.

My CP points are basically spent per Dottz's recommendations for Magicka pet sorcerer PVE.

Here's the thing: Ever since Greymoor dropped whenever I'm in a WB fight, the WB makes a beeline for my character and almost never lets up. This forces me to fight defensively which means I keep the clannfear up, use my lightening staff and in between attacking with my staff, I'm hitting the shields I have slotted for wearing five pieces of light armor. (In fact, I have ten pieces of light armor because it's all Necro and MS.) I keep a food buff up at all times, but my sorceress still has a glass jaw. Low health and low damage resistance.

When I check my stats, my damage output seems low to me, but somehow I've given myself a high crit damage rating – 72.5%.

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Any thoughts on why I'm suddenly a magnet for WBs? Should I think about a different armor set to help with the glass jaw? Should I change some of my enchantments to spell damage? Etc. It's not that I'm in danger of dying so much as I would prefer not fighting defensively quite so much, as it makes the fights last longer and I'm anxious to pick that Bugloss I saw on my way into the fight! (And if you're asking why I fight WB, etc. if I don't enjoy fighting – I don't hate it, I just don't want it to take forever and I also want to clear all the black icons on my map.)

Thanks for any insight you might have!


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