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Help Request: CTD when accessing follower inventory (iAFT)

Content of the article: "Help Request: CTD when accessing follower inventory (iAFT)"

Hey folks, basically what is says on the tin. I'm getting a CTD every time I try to add or remove something to/from my followers' inventory (using the, "Let me see your inventory" option).

NetSciptFramework's crash log identified the following, but I recreated the scenario on a new game (with only the DLCs, Update, SKSE, SkyUi, USSEP, iAFt and AI Overhaul enabled), and didn't get the follower inventory CTD, so I don't think the issue is a conflict between iAFT and AI Overhaul?

Possible relevant objects (4)

<0> TESNPC(Name: `Backpack`, FormId: 29047B11, File: `AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp`)<0> Character(FormId: FF001BBE, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Backpack`, FormId: 29047B11, File: `AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp`))<1> TESNPC(Name: `Kalaron`, FormId: 00000007, File: `AI Overhaul.esp <- Skyrim.esm`)<1> PlayerCharacter(FormId: 00000014, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Kalaron`, FormId: 00000007, File: `AI Overhaul.esp <- Skyrim.esm`))

Of course, I could be misinterpreting the crash log (or not digging deep enough into the rest of the log; I'm not use a NetScriptFramework expert by far, so any thoughts are appreciated).

I also tried testing iAFT, RDO, iAFT-RDO patch and Convenient Horses on a new game (since they all have conflicts), but I didn't get a CTD (and I've used them all together previously without issue, anyway; same goes for iAFT & AI Overhaul, actually). I added some new NPC-affecting mods on this current playthrough – Sleep For Me Now, Campfire Spooning, Teldryn Serious, & NPC Bartering – but I isolated all of those on new games with iAFT as well, and couldn't replicate the inventory CTD.

Full load order here at ModWatch (though totally fair if nobody wants to read through 400-ish plugins; also a heads-up there's a fair amount of nsfw-titled LL mods, if folks would rather avoid that).

But yeah, any ideas for further troubleshooting would be appreciated; I'm about a hundred hours into my current playthrough, and it'd be nice to have some help with carrying a few of my burdens. 😅


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